NEC TR5E600-3A

NEC TR5E600-3A
NEC TR5E600-3A data label
NEC TR5E600-3A - Cables
NEC TR5E600-3A - on/off switch
NEC TR5E600-3A - RF PCBs diassembled
NEC TR5E600-3A diassembled Control / Micro PCB
NEC TR5E600-3A data label
NEC TR5E600-3A - Air interface ESN displayed on smith myers tester
NEC TR5E600-3A - power cable
NEC TR5E600-3A - Hands free unit
NEC TR5E600-3A
NEC TR5E600-3A - Handest lead
NEC TR5E600-3A - EZ-970-B Control unit data label
NEC TR5E600-3A
NEC TR5E600-3A - diassembled
NEC TR5E600-3A - diassembled - middle PCB
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NEC TR5E 600 3A

Year: 1984

Standard: ETACS
Factory Code: TR5E600-3A
TAC: S/1060/4/E/500119
Notes: 600 Channel unit to technically TACS not ETACS

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NEC TR5E600-3A user's manual and installation guide
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by: spectreman
2016. Feb 04. 11:17
Discussion about NEC TR5E600-3A. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: spectreman
2016. Feb 04. 11:20
Hi Hywel.
This is a very interesting phone, very similar to my NEC 2E car phone, except this has a LED display instead of a LCD display.
Actually, this phone is a cross between the 2E AMPS phone and the earlier PAMTS car phone I have, the predecessor to cellular phones in Australia. Nice find !
And thanks so much for uploading a copy of the user manual, I do not have this for my 2E car phone. - (c) 2013