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robin's phone collection (152 pcs):
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robin's wishlist
AEG D1 757
Alcatel 9109 HB160
Alcatel One Touch Max DB
Alcatel Pocketline Swing 240
Alcatel Pocketline Swing 400
AMOI Skype WP-S1
AP 3533
Apple iPhone 2G
Apple iPhone 3G
Apple iphone 6+
Ascom Champion
Ascom Elisto
AudioVox GDX- 250XL
Bang&Olufsen BeoCom 9800
BenQ Siemens E61
Buddy Bear I3300
Ericsson EH97
Ericsson GF198
Ericsson I888 World
Ericsson R290 Satellite
Ericsson T65
Etisalat Nokia 2110
Etisalat Nokia 8110
Hagenuk MT2000
Just5 CP09
Maxon MX3204 Vodafone
Mitsubishi MT-30
Motorola Accompli 008
Motorola Accompli A009
Motorola Accompli A6188
Motorola C160 Allround
Motorola DynaTAC Express 850
Motorola PageWriter 2000
Motorola Pocketline Columbus Plus
Motorola Timeport P8767 Prototype
Motorola Z9n
Movistar TSM100
myPhone 1030
Nokia 101
Nokia 101
Nokia 2110i
Nokia 3110
Nokia 3220
Nokia 8110
Nokia 9110i Communicator
Nokia 9210 Communicator
Nokia 9210i Communicator
Nokia 9300i Communicator
Nokia N-GAGE
Nokia N82-1
Nokia Pocketline Einstein
Nokia Pocketline Vespucci
Panasonic EB-GD52
Philips 535
Philips Aeon
Philips PR-93
Philips PRW-7540.2
Philips PWR-9040
Sagem Pocketline Swing 820
Samsung SM-C1010 Galaxy S4 zoom
Sendo Pocketline Swing 620
Siemens B615 DCS
Siemens Pocketline Calypso
Siemens Pocketline Jazz
Siemens S3
Siemens S4 S4Power
Siemens S40
Siemens S6 PCN
Siemens SL45i
Siemens SL55
Sonim XP1
Sony CM-RX100
Sony CMD-Z1
Sony CMD-Z5
TCL 6298
Technophone 305
Technophone EXCELL M2
Technophone EZ-400
Trium Astral
Trium Galaxy
Trium Mars
Walker WMCD 8000

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