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Ascom 21 Thuraya
Thuraya Hughes 7101
Thuraya Hughes 7100
Toshiba G450
Telit SAT550
Telit G80
Samsung SGH-X830
Samsung SGH-N400
Orbitel 863
Nokia THR850
Motorola International 2200
Motorola International 1000
Kyocera Iridium KL G100
Hagenuk MT2000
Hagenuk MT900
Dancall HP2001 Logic
Siemens S11E
Siemens S10D active
Benefon Track Pro NT1.1
Ascom Axento
Garmin Navtalk GSM
Siemens S1 Marathon
Siemens SL10
Siemens S6 D
Nokia THR880i
Motorola International 3200
Ericsson R290 Satellite
Ericsson R190 Satellite
Siemens P1

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