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meisteranker's phone collection (6 pcs):
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meisteranker's wishlist
Alcatel 9109 HB160
Ascom Crystal
Bosch Cartel SL 2G1.0
Ericsson GF197
Ericsson GF337
Ericsson GH174
Ericsson GH218
Hagenuk MT2000
Mitsubishi MT-18
Motorola International 3200
Nokia 1011
Nokia 1610
Nokia 2010
Orbitel 902 Pocket Phone
Philips PR-747
Philips PR-810
Siemens S1 Marathon

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Alcatel 9109 HA - Long and short antennae
Alcatel 9109 HA back
Alcatel 9109 HA - Battery Charger
Alcatel 9109 HA data label
Alcatel 9109 HA box shot
Alcatel 9109 HA - Display Closeup
Alcatel 9109 HA
Alcatel 9109 HA

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