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jonny's phone collection (623 pcs):
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AEG D1-957 Azzurro
AEG Teleport 9020
AEG Teleport E1800 (e-plus PT-10)
AEG TP 9050
Alcatel 4074 GB
Alcatel HB 100
Alcatel One Touch 301
Alcatel One Touch 310/311
Alcatel one touch 606
Alcatel One Touch 700/701
Alcatel One Touch Com
Alcatel One Touch Easy
Alcatel One touch easy
Alcatel One Touch Easy DB
Alcatel OneTouch 1040X
Alcatel OT 155
Alcatel OT 2012D
Alcatel OT 2012G
Alcatel OT-1010X
Alcatel OT-1650
Alcatel OT-222
Alcatel Tribe 30.03
AMOI Skype WP-S1
Apple iPhone 2G
Apple iPhone 3GS
Apple iPhone 4
AudioVox CDM-9100
AudioVox GDX- 250XL
Bell Atlantic Mobile (BAM) 330D
Benefon Delta
BenQ Siemens E61
BlackBerry 5810
BlackBerry 7100v
BlackBerry 7100x
BlackBerry 7290
BlackBerry 8100 Pearl
BlackBerry 8110
BlackBerry 8707g
BlackBerry 8800
BlackBerry Bold 9000
BlackBerry Curve 8900
BlackBerry Curve 9320
BlackBerry Curve 9360
Bosch Cartel SC 2G1 / 2G2
Bosch DualCom 738
Bosch GSM 509 Dual
Bosch SE OF 7
Buddy Bear I3300
Dancall HP2612 e-plus
Doro HandleEasy 326gsm
Doro HandleEasy 328gsm
Doro HandleEasy 330gsm
Doro PhoneEasy 341gsm
Doro PhoneEasy 410gsm
Doro PhoneEasy 610gsm
Doro PhoneEasy 612gsm
Doro PhoneEasy 614gsm
Doro PhoneEasy 615gsm
Doro PhoneEasy 621gsm
Doro PhoneEasy 715gsm
Doro PhoneEasy 740gsm
Ericsson A1018s
Ericsson A2628s
Ericsson DT570
Ericsson GA318
Ericsson GA628
Ericsson GF197
Ericsson GF388
Ericsson GF768
Ericsson GH198
Ericsson GH337
Ericsson GH388
Ericsson GH688
Ericsson GS18
Ericsson NH237
Ericsson R310s
Ericsson R320s
Ericsson R380s
Ericsson R520m
Ericsson R600
Ericsson S868
Ericsson SH888
Ericsson T10s
Ericsson T10sc
Ericsson T18s
Ericsson T20e
Ericsson T20s
Ericsson T28s
Ericsson T29s
Ericsson T39m
Ericsson T65
Hagenuk MT2000
Hitachi CR-D300
HP iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger
HP iPAQ hw6915
HTC ChaCha
HTC Desire A8181
HTC P4350
HTC S710
HTC S730
HTC Snap
HTC T-Mobile G1
HTC Touch Diamond
HTC Touch Pro
Huawei G7002
i-mate Ultimate 6150
Just5 CP09
LG A170
LG C1100
LG C3300
LG G7050
LG GB102
LG GW520
LG KG288
LG KG800
LG KP100
LG KS360
LG MG100
LG Prada 3.0 (Also known as Prada K2, LG P940)
LG T5100
LG U880
Maxon MX-3000 MoviStar
Maxon MX-6869
Maxon MX3000
Maxon MX3204 Vodafone
Medionmobile 2201
MiTAC MIO A702 Digi-Walker
Mitsubishi MT-430x
Mitsubishi T-200
Mobira Cityman 150
Mobira Cityman 450
Motorola 4500x
Motorola 6200 Flare
Motorola 6200 Surf
Motorola A1000 Communicator
Motorola A835
Motorola A920
Motorola Advisor
Motorola Allround
Motorola AM3180
Motorola Associate 2000
Motorola Bravo
Motorola C115
Motorola C155
Motorola C160 Allround
Motorola C450
Motorola C520
Motorola C550
Motorola C650
Motorola cd930
Motorola d460
Motorola d470
Motorola E1000
Motorola E365
Motorola E398
Motorola i2000plus
Motorola Krzr K1
Motorola M3588
Motorola M3788
Motorola M3888
Motorola MicroTAC 9800X LCD
Motorola Microtac DPC 550 Bell Atlantic
Motorola MicroTAC International 8200
Motorola MicroTAC International 8400
Motorola Microtac VIP 2
Motorola MOTO U9
Motorola MOTOFONE F3
Motorola PEBL U6
Motorola Profile 300 Ameritech
Motorola PT-9 Eplus Microtac
Motorola RAZR V3
Motorola RAZR V3 ROHS
Motorola RAZR V3i
Motorola RAZR2 V9
Motorola ROKR
Motorola ROKR EM30
Motorola SIP Excalibur
Motorola SLVR L6
Motorola StarTAC 130
Motorola StarTAC ST7760
Motorola T190
Motorola T191
Motorola T193m
Motorola Talkabout T180
Motorola Talkabout T205
Motorola Talkabout T2288
Motorola Talkabout T2988
Motorola Talkabout T8160
Motorola Timeport 250
Motorola Timeport 260
Motorola Traveller NMT900
Motorola V100
Motorola V2288
Motorola v3688
Motorola V50
Motorola V547
motorola V66e
Motorola V70
Motorola V80
Motorola W220
Motorola W377
Movistar TSM100
myPhone 1030
NEC c616V
NEC N343i
Nokia 10
Nokia 100 BT
Nokia 101
Nokia 101
Nokia 1011
Nokia 103.1
Nokia 105
Nokia 1100
Nokia 1110i
Nokia 1112
Nokia 1208/1209
Nokia 121
Nokia 1280
Nokia 150
Nokia 1600
Nokia 1610
Nokia 1611
Nokia 1620
Nokia 1630
Nokia 1800
Nokia 2010
Nokia 2100
Nokia 2110
Nokia 2110i
Nokia 2300
Nokia 2323c-2
Nokia 2330c-2
Nokia 2366i
Nokia 250
Nokia 2600
Nokia 2610
Nokia 2630
Nokia 2650/2652
Nokia 2730c-1
Nokia 3100
Nokia 3100b
Nokia 3110
Nokia 3110c
Nokia 3120
Nokia 3200
Nokia 3210
Nokia 3220
Nokia 3230
Nokia 3250
Nokia 3300a
Nokia 3310
Nokia 3330
Nokia 3410
Nokia 350
Nokia 3510
Nokia 3510i
Nokia 3595
Nokia 3650
Nokia 3720 c-2
Nokia 440
Nokia 450
Nokia 5030 XpressRadio
Nokia 5100
Nokia 5110
Nokia 5130
Nokia 5140i
Nokia 5200
Nokia 5210
Nokia 5500d sport
Nokia 5510
Nokia 5700
Nokia 6020
Nokia 6021
Nokia 6060
Nokia 6061
Nokia 6070
Nokia 6085
Nokia 6100
Nokia 6101
Nokia 6108
Nokia 6110
Nokia 6111
Nokia 6150
Nokia 6170
Nokia 6210
Nokia 6220
Nokia 6230
Nokia 6230i
Nokia 6233
Nokia 6250
Nokia 6260
Nokia 6300
Nokia 6303 Classic
Nokia 6310i
Nokia 650
Nokia 6500c
Nokia 6500s
Nokia 6510
Nokia 6555
Nokia 6600
Nokia 6610
Nokia 6610i
Nokia 6630
Nokia 6650
Nokia 6670
Nokia 6680
Nokia 6810
Nokia 6820a
Nokia 6822a
Nokia 7070 Prism
Nokia 7110
Nokia 7160
Nokia 720
Nokia 7200
Nokia 7210
Nokia 7250i
Nokia 7260
Nokia 7270
Nokia 7280
Nokia 7360
Nokia 7370
Nokia 7380
Nokia 7390
Nokia 7500 Prism
Nokia 7600
Nokia 7610
Nokia 7650
Nokia 7710
Nokia 8110
Nokia 8110i
Nokia 8210
Nokia 8310
Nokia 8600 Luna
Nokia 8800
Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold
Nokia 8810
Nokia 8850
Nokia 8890
Nokia 8910
Nokia 8910i
Nokia 9000 Communicator
Nokia 9110 Communicator
Nokia 9110i Communicator
Nokia 918
Nokia 9210 Communicator
Nokia 9210i Communicator
Nokia 9300 Communicator
Nokia 9300i Communicator
Nokia 9500 Communicator
Nokia Asha 200
Nokia Asha 205
Nokia C1-01
Nokia C2-06
Nokia E50-1
Nokia E51-1
Nokia E52
Nokia E60-1
Nokia E61-1
Nokia E70-1
Nokia E90-1
Nokia N-GAGE
Nokia N70-1
Nokia N71 -1
Nokia N73-1
Nokia N76-1
Nokia N79-1
Nokia N80-1
Nokia N81-1
Nokia N900
Nokia N91-1
Nokia N93i
Nokia Talkman 520
Nokia X2-00
Nokia X2-05
Palm Treo 650
Panasonic EB-G300
Panasonic EB-G500
Panasonic EB-GD70
Panasonic GD90
Panasonic GD93
Philips 350
Philips Azalis 238
Philips Diga
Philips Fisio 120
Philips Fizz (TCD312)
Philips Genie
Philips PR-747 II
Philips PRW-7540.2
Philips Savvy
Philips Savvy D2
Philips Savvy dual band
Philips Savvy MoviStar
Philips Spark
Philips Twist
Pioneer PCC-D710
Qtek 8080
Qtek 8100
Qtek 9100
Qtek S100
Qtek S110
Qualcomm QCP-2700
Sagem G23-S
Sagem MC922
Sagem MC939
Sagem MW 3020
Sagem MW3027
Sagem my201X
Sagem my511X
Sagem myC-2
Sagem myC-3b
Sagem myC5-2v
Sagem myV-56
Sagem myX-2
Sagem myX5m
Sagem RC725
Sagem RC725 Omnitel
Sagem RC820
Samsung B2100 Xplorer
Samsung B2700
Samsung D880
Samsung GT-B2710
Samsung GT-B3310
Samsung GT-C6112
Samsung GT-E1080W
Samsung GT-E1150i
Samsung GT-E1170
Samsung GT-E1190
Samsung GT-E2121B
Samsung GT-E2330
Samsung GT-E2370
Samsung GT-E2550
Samsung GT-S3350
Samsung GT-S5150 Diva folder
Samsung GT-S5230
Samsung GT-S5610
Samsung Guru E1081T
Samsung SGH-800
Samsung SGH-A300
Samsung SGH-A800
Samsung SGH-C100
Samsung SGH-C160
Samsung SGH-C170
Samsung SGH-C230
Samsung SGH-C260
Samsung SGH-D840
Samsung SGH-D900
Samsung SGH-D900i
Samsung SGH-E380
Samsung SGH-E490
Samsung SGH-E730
Samsung SGH-E760
Samsung SGH-E900
Samsung SGH-F210
Samsung SGH-F250
Samsung SGH-F300
Samsung SGH-F330
Samsung SGH-F400
Samsung SGH-F480
Samsung SGH-G600
Samsung SGH-i780
Samsung SGH-J150
Samsung SGH-J400
Samsung SGH-L310
Samsung SGH-L700
Samsung SGH-M150
Samsung SGH-M300
Samsung SGH-M310
Samsung SGH-M600
Samsung SGH-N400
Samsung SGH-N500
Samsung SGH-R200S
Samsung SGH-R210S
Samsung SGH-S3500
Samsung SGH-S5510
Samsung SGH-T100
Samsung SGH-U600
Samsung SGH-U900
Samsung SGH-X120
Samsung SGH-X426
Samsung SGH-X450
Samsung Sgh-X480
Samsung SGH-X500
Samsung SGH-X520
Samsung SGH-X600
Samsung SGH-X640
Samsung SGH-X680
Samsung SGH-Z150
Samsung SGH-ZV60
Sanyo SCP-200
Sendo J530
Sendo M550
Sendo S360
Sharp GX25
Siemens A35
Siemens A36
Siemens A50
Siemens A55
Siemens A60
Siemens C10D
Siemens C11E
Siemens C25
Siemens C30
Siemens C35i
Siemens C45
Siemens C5
Siemens C55
Siemens C56
Siemens C60
Siemens C62
Siemens CX65
Siemens CXV70
Siemens E10D
Siemens GigasetSL1
Siemens M30
Siemens M35
Siemens M50
Siemens M55
Siemens M65
Siemens ME45
Siemens S10
Siemens S16
Siemens S25
Siemens S3 Com
Siemens S35i
Siemens S3plus
Siemens S4 S4Power
Siemens S40
Siemens S45i
Siemens S55
Siemens S6
Siemens S6 D
Siemens S65
Siemens SE 923
Siemens SL10D
Siemens SL45i
Siemens SL55
Siemens ST55
Siemens SX1
Siemens SXG75
Siemens Xelibri 4 DEMO2
Siemens Xelibri X3
Sonim XP1
Sony CM-DX1000
Sony CMD-C1
Sony CMD-CD5
Sony CMD-J6
Sony CMD-J70
Sony CMD-Z1
Sony CMD-Z5
Sony Ericsson C702
Sony Ericsson F100i Jalou
Sony Ericsson F500i
Sony Ericsson J120i
Sony Ericsson J300i
Sony Ericsson K220i
Sony Ericsson K300i
Sony Ericsson K310i
Sony Ericsson K550i
Sony Ericsson K608i
Sony Ericsson K610i
Sony Ericsson K660i
Sony Ericsson K700i
Sony Ericsson K750i
Sony Ericsson K800i
Sony Ericsson K810i
Sony Ericsson P1i
Sony Ericsson P800
Sony Ericsson P900
Sony Ericsson P990i
Sony Ericsson S700i
Sony Ericsson T100
Sony Ericsson T200
Sony Ericsson T280i
Sony Ericsson T290i
Sony Ericsson T300
Sony Ericsson T310
Sony Ericsson T610
Sony Ericsson T68i
Sony Ericsson V800
Sony Ericsson W200i
Sony Ericsson W205
Sony Ericsson W302
Sony Ericsson W350i
Sony Ericsson W595
Sony Ericsson W610i
Sony Ericsson W660i
Sony Ericsson W760i
Sony Ericsson W810i
Sony Ericsson W850i
Sony Ericsson W880i
Sony Ericsson W890i
Sony Ericsson W950i
Sony Ericsson W960i
Sony Ericsson W995
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini Pro
Sony Ericsson Z200
Sony Ericsson Z310i
Sony Ericsson Z520i
Sony Ericsson Z530i
Sony Ericsson Z600
Sony Ericsson Z610i
Sony Ericsson Z770i
Sony Ericsson Z800i
Storno CD 520
TCL 6298
Telme F210
Trium Aria
Trium Astral
Trium Galaxy
Trium Mars
Trium Neptune Blue
Vodafone 226
Vodafone 340
Vodafone 345 Text
Vodafone 354
Vodafone 527
Vodafone 533
Vodafone V720

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Buddy Bear I3300
Buddy Bear I3300
Buddy Bear I3300
Buddy Bear I3300
Buddy Bear I3300
Siemens C5
Siemens C5
Siemens C5
Siemens C5
Motorola Bravo
Motorola Bravo
Siemens Xelibri 3
Siemens Xelibri 3
Siemens Xelibri 3
Samsung GT-S5610
Samsung GT-S5610
Samsung GT-S5610
Philips PRW 7540.2
Philips PRW 7540.2
Philips PRW 7540.2
Bosch DualCom 738
Motorola Traveller NMT900
Motorola Traveller NMT900
Motorola Traveller NMT900
Motorola Traveller NMT900
Motorola Traveller NMT900
Motorola Traveller NMT900
Motorola Traveller NMT900
Motorola Traveller NMT900
Motorola Traveller NMT900
Storno / Motorola CD520
Storno / Motorola CD520
Sanyo SCP-200
Sanyo SCP-200
Sanyo SCP-200
Samsung SGH-F250
Samsung SGH-F250
Samsung SGH-F250
Samsung SGH-F250
Nokia 3250
Nokia 3250
Nokia 3250

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