Tekade B72Year: 1963Standard: A-NetzFactory Code: B72 II F-T-12V
Notes: n/a
TAC: FTZ-Nummern:IVD-A 814/60 - 63
Images: 4
Tekade B95-1Year: 1974Standard: A-NetzFactory Code: Tekade B95-1
Notes: The B95 is the technically best A-net device ever used.
TAC: FTZ : C35-DA 847-69
Images: 2
Tekade BSA 22Year: 1971Standard: B-NetzFactory Code: Tekade BSA-22
Notes: The distinctive control panel for the car radio section was part of the first B - network device.
TAC: FTZ-Nummer: C35-1001a
Images: 1
Tekade BSA 23Year: 1972Standard: B-NetzFactory Code: Tekade BSA-23
Notes: n/a
TAC: FTZ : C35-1001C
Images: 4 • Long description:
Tekade BSA 31-2Year: 1977Standard: B-NetzFactory Code: Tekade BSA 31-2
Notes: n/a
TAC: FTZ : C35-05059
Images: 2
Tekade PYE - M4000Year: 1980Standard: System 4 - UK Radio PhoneFactory Code: Tekade BSA 32-2
Notes: Tekade B32-2 Branded as PYE -4000 for System4 -UK
TAC: 2668 277471
Images: 11 • Long description:

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