Novatel 8305Year: 1989Standard: AMPS 800Factory Code: n/a
Notes: 3W transportable phone. Designed for in car use, no provision for a battery pack. This one has the basic handset, several function keys are omitted. Can fully edit the NAM programming from the handset. Well made & rugged unit.
TAC: n/a
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Novatel AA CallsafeYear: 1992Standard: ETACSFactory Code: NVT1320
TAC: S/3326/4/N/502467
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Novatel CARPHONE VTR 2982Year: 1985Standard: ETACSFactory Code: VTR 2982
Notes: CARPHONE VTR 2982
TAC: S/2841/4/F/500287
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Novatel JRC NVT-4400Year: 1991Standard: ETACSFactory Code: NVT 4400
Notes: Made in Japan
TAC: S/2841/4/M/502329
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Novatel NVT - 1320Year: 1989Standard: ETACSFactory Code: NVT 1320
Notes: Made in Hong Kong
TAC: S/2841/4/J/501334
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NovAtel NVT 6000Year: 1991Standard: ETACSFactory Code: NVT 6000
Notes: n/a
TAC: S/2841/4/2/502673
Images: 2
NovAtel PTR 800Year: n/aStandard: AMPS 800Factory Code: S 14200 705656
Notes: hand portable from novatel
TAC: n/a
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NovAtel PTR 825Year: n/aStandard: n/aFactory Code: PTR 825
Notes: n/a
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Novatel TM3Year: 1994Standard: ETACSFactory Code: n/a
Notes: Made in Korea
TAC: S/2841/4/R/503100
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Novatel VTR 8300TYear: 1986Standard: AMPS 800Factory Code: VTR 8300T
Notes: 3w transportable phone. Has two separate battery compartments. Inbuilt hands free speaker & mic in the case.
TAC: n/a
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Novatel VTR 9300Year: 1986Standard: ETACSFactory Code: VTR 9300
Notes: From Ford
TAC: S/2670/4/G/500546
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Novatel VTR 9300Year: 1986Standard: ETACSFactory Code: VTR 9300
Notes: n/a
TAC: S/2841/4/F/500357
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Novatel VTR 9300 EricssonYear: 1986Standard: ETACSFactory Code: VTR 9300
Notes: Novatel OEM 1000 channel TACS
TAC: n/a
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Novatel VTR 9300 VOLVO CELLULAR TELEPHONEYear: 1986Standard: ETACSFactory Code: VTR 9300
Notes: ESN begins with 0801000
TAC: S/2924/4/G/500379
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