Motorola StarTAC 3000 VIP Series

Motorola StarTAC 3000 VIP Series
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Motorola StarTAC 3000 VIP Series

Year: 1998

Standard: AMPS 800
Factory Code: n/a
TAC: n/a
Notes: n/a

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by: NokiaTAC
2020. Aug 06. 13:41
Discussion about Motorola StarTAC 3000 VIP Series. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: NokiaTAC
2020. Aug 06. 13:44
Found this pic from an old eBay auction. I had been wondering if a StarTAC 3000 VIP Series ever existed, and apparently it does! Have no clue of the display color unfortunately. Would be epic if it was red! :D

I imagine these are extremely rare. I’m also curious if it offered any extra features a normal StarTAC 3000 didn’t have.

by: Thomas
2020. Aug 07. 11:28
Hi Zack,

I didn't know that phone either. Maybe it's a device for Israel. Many StarTACs have got a VIP Series label there, although they don't differ from the "normal" device.

Best regards

by: NokiaTAC
2020. Aug 07. 13:55
Hi Thomas,

That could be it, as I’m pretty sure the eBay auction this pic is from was in Israel.

You never know with Motorola. :D

Also, I can’t reply to your PM for some reason. I just get an error.

Cool that you know him! :)

That’s unfortunate that happened. Good to hear he’s still around though.

That’d be awesome if y’all did some videos! :D - (c) 2013