Radio Shack CT-201

Radio Shack CT-201
Radio Shack CT-201
Radio Shack CT-201
Radio Shack CT-201 battery and phone data labels
Radio Shack CT-201 handset rear
Radio Shack CT-201 battery
Radio Shack CT-201 battery disassembled
Radio Shack CT-201 battery replacement information
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Radio Shack Talkman CT-201

Year: 1988

Standard: AMPS 800
Factory Code: 17-1005
TAC: n/a
Notes: Rebranded Mobira Talkman

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by: NokiaTAC
2019. Nov 28. 04:47
Discussion about Radio Shack CT-201. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: NokiaTAC
2019. Nov 28. 04:50
The phone in the image that says “a guide to cellular telephones” is a CT-200, not a CT-201. You can tell because it has round buttons instead of square like the CT-201 has.

This is a really cool phone though, and I’m super happy to have one now! Always loved these early Mobira Talkmans (which is what these phones actually are). - (c) 2013