Motorola Microtac VIP

Motorola Microtac VIP
Motorola Microtac VIP
Motorola Microtac VIP
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Motorola Microtac VIP

Year: n/a

Standard: AMPS 800
Factory Code: n/a
TAC: n/a
Notes: Same functionality as the Microtac Elite, but with LCD display

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by: spectreman
2016. Apr 26. 01:46
Discussion about Motorola Microtac VIP. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: spectreman
2016. Apr 26. 01:52
This is an unusual model. Is definitely an AMPS model, works fine with my AMPS test set.
But I thought that Microtac phones with LCD displays were usually ETACS models.
Also, there is no label on the back at all. It has not fallen off, no trace of any labels ever been attached to the phone.
So I don't know the exact model number.
I bought it from a guy in the US off eBay a few years ago.
Cheers, Chris

by: Thomas
2016. Apr 26. 08:34
Nice find Chris! Yes, your phone is very similar to the italian ETACS Version.


by: Mr.StarTAC
2016. Apr 27. 19:16
Looks like it was a European MicroTAC VIP that they were testing for the AMPS market if it does work in the 800MHz range, judging by the fact that the keypad on that one hadn't been localized for North America. The lack of a sticker on the back also hints that it was a test model.

by: spectreman
2016. Apr 28. 08:33
Thanks for the comments guys.
I thought the lack of SEND & END labelled keys was strange.
So I guess this is a rare phone then ?

by: Mr.StarTAC
2016. Apr 28. 21:32
I'd say any of the prototypes will be rare, since I can only imagine they'll stay within the company more often than an engineer keeping it. I don't think these VIP MicroTACs were ever offered in the US, but then again Motorola cranked out so many models it's hard to tell what they really offered, and there's so many phones many people haven't even heard of, like that obscure Dimension 4000 phone I picked up, the Micro Digital Elite, or even the StarTAC 8000 which was made in very small numbers (not the 8000g).

by: Thomas
2016. May 30. 13:04
Hi guys,

has anyone of you this phone ever seen? ... roTAC%20II

It is also very unusual, but since it is very different from the normal ETACS or AMPS versions.

I had tried to write a comment, but was probably not logged in. Now no longer goes unfortunately. :cry:


by: Mr.StarTAC
2016. May 31. 19:36
I'm not familiar with the European models. But it looks like an ETACS MicroTAC II with a black keypad, no? Also, have you checked to see if it's lighter than the other MicroTAC II's? Maybe it's an Ultra Lite variant, but wasn't marketed as such.

by: Thomas
2016. Jun 02. 12:43
Thank you Mr. StarTAC,

Of its weight, the models are very similar. It almost looks as though Motorola put here components of different models and it pieced together a new one. :lol:

Too bad that the label is missing. :cry:


by: Esperanzo
2016. Jun 03. 14:39
I've got a strange microtac II amps with orange led's
But i think it's microtac lite in microtac II case - (c) 2013