Motorola StarTAC D

Motorola StarTAC D
Motorola StarTAC D back
Motorola StarTAC D open
Motorola StarTAC D
Motorola StarTAC D
Motorola StarTAC D
Motorola StarTAC D
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Motorola StarTAC D

Year: 1999

Standard: GSM 900
Factory Code: n/a
TAC: n/a
Notes: Partnering with Barclaycard and Cellnet in the UK, and also France Telecom and Cartes Bancaires in France, Motorola released the StarTAC D (200) as a mobile payment/withdrawal platform. This unique phone was the first to feature dual SIM card slots (standard and mini) for operating with two carriers, and the standard size Sim card slot doubled as a debit or credit card smart chip reader. A user could reload their debit card by inserting it into the phone and entering the withdrawal amount followed by a PIN code to load cash onto their card. In France, goods and services could be purchased by inserting the card into the slot and contacting the retailer. The price then appears on the screen and a password is entered to complete the transaction. Motorola eventually partnered with Giesecke & Devrient in Germany to offer similar services with their Geldkarte product.

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by: Thomas
2016. Feb 07. 18:50
Discussion about Motorola StarTAC D. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: Thomas
2016. Feb 07. 18:54
Hi Mr. StarTAC,

Pretty nice and interesting phone! Is this phone based on the ST 85 GSM900? It looks very similar to my ST 85 here: ... g%2Bsample

So maybe my phone is also a StarTAC D?

Best regards

by: oldmobil
2016. Feb 07. 21:10

This StarTAC D may be identical to Motorola "Alex" or StarTAC 200...
In this download: ... ice_manual
there are some PDFs about dual slot StarTAC.The most interesting is the "NEW PRODUCT JUSTIFICATION REPORT" (Motorola Confidential :-) with expected selling volumes and product development cost calculation...

According this service manual dual slot StarTAC based on the StarTAC 85 so Your phone should be StarTAC D.

by: Mr.StarTAC
2016. Feb 08. 00:02
Yes I believe oldmobil is correct. It was called Project Alex and was designed to be a new mobile banking platform. Yours must certainly be a Startac D (the D stands for "dual slot"). Since yours says "Vorführgerät" it must be a floor model used to show customers how to use it. You might want to try inserting a debit card into the phone and see if it activates the special menu. Please post results if you do!

by: Thomas
2016. Feb 08. 19:45
Hi guys,

Thank you so much! Very interesting details and yes, I have a StarTAC D! :) Very nice!

Great community here! :!: :!:

Thanks and cheers
Thomas - (c) 2013