Ericsson GH172

Ericsson GH172
Ericsson GH172
Ericsson GH172
Ericsson GH172 data label
Ericsson GH172
Ericsson GH172
Ericsson Hotline Combi and GH172
Ericsson GH172
Ericsson GH172 box shot
Ericsson GH172 box shot
Ericsson GH172
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Ericsson GH172

Year: 1992

Standard: GSM 900
Factory Code: 1512
TAC: 490008
Notes: Lisa P9040

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by: meisteranker
2014. Nov 13. 15:45
Discussion about Ericsson GH172. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: meisteranker
2014. Nov 13. 15:46
Hi friends. I received the GH172 today, so I thought that opening an official thread for it would be a good idea. Unfortunately, I got some bittersweet news about my new arrival. While the phone has the complete set (including an old sim card from 1993), the battery charging unit (the standard single battery one that came with the phone, not the "Multi" one) is busted.

Basically, the internal AC connector is broken and roams freely into the charger. I managed to open it and it seems that it got unsoldered for an unknown reason. As I tried to put it again back to its place and plugged the adapter connector in, the charger -obviously- doesn't give any sign of life.

The contacts of the battery were heavily oxidized too, so i had to clean them thoroughly in order to make them shiny again. The phone itself is in very good conditions instead, and the contacts are in excellent state. But unfortunately... I cannot test it, since the desktop charger is broken.

Is there someone who has a complete battery charger for the GH172? If so, please let me know via PM or reply...
I would like to see that phone working and the only way I have is to charge the old batteries and see if it has some life. Thank you in advance... If you have a working one you would do me a huge favour! :(


by: Baltais Tehvs
2014. Nov 14. 01:26
Maybe consider the possibility to repair it ;)

if it is just a "solder the connector" problem - then it is not so hard :)

by: meisteranker
2014. Nov 14. 01:45
Yes, that's what I want to do. A friend of mine who's skilled at soldering things can perform the repair on the connector for me.
When I opened the charger, I noticed that the contacts of the connector are intact, so I think that if it's soldered back in place, it'll start working... At least that's what I hope.

If everything goes well then, I will buy the new cells to replace the old ones in the battery pack.
The biggest problem is the phone though: it's untested and I have no way to check out if it works: the contacts of the batteries were heavily oxidized (they were completely green!) so I had to polish them deeply with a fiberglass pen in order to remove the oxidation. Unfortunately due to this situation, I can't charge them, and my old "universal" battery charger doesn't charge them neither (it says that the battery is already charged, while it's dead). The same thing happens to all the three batteries that came with the phone.

I really hope the phone works though... :roll:

by: spectreman
2014. Nov 14. 04:24
Hi Enzo.
Generally speaking, if the battery pack contacts are heavily oxidized, I would not even bother to try charging it at all, is a sure sign the battery cells are stuffed !
Time to open up the pack & replace the cells.
Cheers, Chris.

by: meisteranker
2014. Nov 14. 10:06
Yes... I've never seen a battery with such oxidized contacts! Indeed I spent a lot of time to polish them. I can buy a new set of cells as soon as I manage to fix the charger, because if I can't fix that, I can't recharge the new cells, unless I charge them in the rechargeable battery charger.

by: meisteranker
2014. Nov 19. 11:09
Hi guys, I managed to fix the charger. Only one of the three batteries accept a charge, but at least the phone works and switches on, although only for a minute, due to the almost-dead battery. Unfortunately, there's a problem with the SIM card holder.

As you can see, this GH172 has the metallic one:


Unfortunately, the plastic hinges are broken, so the frame is loose and the SIM won't stay in its place. If I put the battery in the phone, it obviously won't read the SIM because there's not enough pressure from the metallic frame.

I did a quick workaround by raising the contacts on the phone and putting some sheets of paper, so they can put enough pressure to make the SIM touch the contacts, but is there a way to fix this for good? Maybe replacing the entire plastic frame? And how do I do it? Thank you for your help!


by: oldmobil
2014. Nov 20. 21:01
You can try to fix the small hinges with two part epoxy glue, it stronger than a plastic. Or You can get a donor phone, e.g. a cheap GH198 with same SIM holder and replce it.

by: meisteranker
2014. Nov 20. 21:41
I have solved-ish the situation: I've bought another GH172 with the first generation tray in good conditions and two untested handsets (branded with the "D2 Privat" logo) that have the more modern and reliable fully plastic trays (the "slide-to-unlock") ones. I will post updates when the three phones and the regenerated battery will arrive. When the phones and the new batteries will arrive, I will test all of them, and if the two GHs with the plastic tray will work properly, I will use one of them as my everyday mobile, so at least I won't have problems with the hinges, unlike the first generation. :)

by: meisteranker
2014. Nov 25. 14:41
Update: I've received the regenerated battery and the GH172 works perfectly (while I'm waiting for the two D2-branded handsets with the more modern plastic SIM tray that need to be tested, hoping that they work so I can use one of them instead of this, alternating it with the Motorola every week).

From a basic test of the phone (making and receiving calls, checking the quality of the signal, fiddling with the menu) I've realized that it's a very basic phone that does its job honestly. The support of flash SMS is a neat feature too, since it's the only way for my network provider to know how much traffic I have on my SIM. The phone book has a lot of slots available (around 200, I'm not sure as I haven't checked them all!) and the "battery discharge" feature is quite useful when I need to do the monthly charge/discharge cycles.

The only three drawbacks are the lack of automatic DTMF tones (I had to enable them with the X*# combination, despite they were active, according to the menu), the ringtone volume that is not as loud as the one of my Motorola Microtac International 7500 and the lack of Caller ID feature prevents me to know who's calling me. Besides these things, I can easily live with it: having a piece of mobile phone history makes me excited enough. To me, using a GH172 is a bit like using the "Dynatac" of GSM cellphones! I will post updates about the future arrivals. :D

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