NEC FOMA N600i \

NEC FOMA N600i \\
NEC FOMA N600i \\
NEC FOMA N600i \\ data label
NEC FOMA N600i \\
NEC FOMA N600i \\
NEC FOMA N600i \\
NEC FOMA N600i \\
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NEC FOMA N600i Simpure N

Year: 2006

Standard: GSM 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS 2100
Factory Code: n/a
TAC: 356624
Notes: NTT DoCoMo SIMPURE N . Qualcomm based : cpu: MSM6250 , pmic : PM6650 and Murata RF : HFQM15 & HFQM16

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SIMPURE N (Shinpyua NV) is, NEC has been developed by, NTT DoCoMo of third-generation mobile phone ( FOMA ) terminal is a brand name of the product FOMA N600i (forma NA proceedings Maru Maru eye). Is the N600i with the same name being sold abroad is another product.

Released: 2005 , April 25

SIMPURE N is to gracefully sorting equipment and functions, terminal products aimed at the miniaturization and cost reduction SIMPURE (Shinpyua) Series one. Function voice calls, the TV phone - I mode , mail - I application on that focused on basic things like, international roaming service WORLD WING corresponding to. GSM - GPRS you can use the network.

The shape and folding, the size of 92 ?? 44 ?? 19.2mm was minimal in the FOMA call terminal. While a low-priced product that has the features and equipment with only simple things are also very Korasa on its design. Especially gentle curve to be formed in the vicinity of the hinge portion when you open is beautiful. From the fact that this curved surface portion is visible also in alphabetical of N is from the side, I was named the N line (Enurain). Colors are three types of Red White Black. Both are two-tone color that was a silver mat process has been subjected to the bottom, gloss treatment is applied except the bottom.

Other FOMA terminal one after another QVGA in for mounting such as high-definition LCD screen, display of SIMPURE N is of 1.9 inches 176 ?? 220 pixel TFT LCD is modest that. 310,000 pixels in the bottom of the display CMOS camera is built-in, video phone is possible. Also, place the 310,000 pixel CMOS camera in the back of the liquid crystal side. Bar code , QR code of reading function was shelved. Is on the out-camera triangle is blinking in incoming calls, etc. illumination is. Sub-display and infrared communication port, external memory card slot, FeliCa is not mounted.

Buttons are unified in a circular, the convenience of the space reserved by the downsizing, call button and cutting buttons left and right soft keys have become a thing small than the number button. For the same reason, it is generally clear button provided at the center is omitted. NEC own pointing device " Neuropointer "neither equipped.

So far in the NEC's terminal as Japanese input system T9 it had been adopted, high conversion accuracy in SIMPURE N on behalf of it JUSTSYSTEM of ATOK and the company made â??â??the prediction conversion was equipped with a function APOT.

If you are familiar with the mobile phone that has multiple functions, SIMPURE N might struggling to support less usability, such as a ringtone Â? i app. However, it can be said that the safe choice is also excellent to primarily use of the case if the design of the phone call and e-mail mobile. Many of the equipment and the results you omit the function, and the reaction speed of the NEC terminal of the (response) so far with respect to the operation have become nimble thing that set them apart is that ironic.


2006 July 12 : A bad authentication when traveling overseas, it was announced that there is a case in which a call and communication becomes impossible. About 44,000 units of the target is. July 19 to start the repair accepted at the store than, July 24 to resume the sale in Japan before. - (c) 2013