Philips PCR30

Philips PCR30
Philips PCR30 side view
Philips PCR30 back battery
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Philips PCR30

Year: 1987

Standard: ETACS
Factory Code: n/a
TAC: S/1470/4/H/500742
Notes: Approved On:19-Nov-1987 Approval Withdrawn:8-Nov-1990

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by: hywel
2016. Jan 31. 14:51
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by: hywel
2016. Oct 06. 09:52
I wonder could tailor or someone else who has this phone post a close up of the data label as i cant quite make out the ESN and approval number.

I think the approval number is S/1470/4/H/500742 S 1470 4 H 500742 PHILLIPS MA30 TELEPHONE CELLULAR VEHICLE ADAPTER PHILIPS RADIO COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS LTD PO BOX 24, ST ANDREWS ROAD, CAMBRIDGE, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, CB4 1DP, UNITED KINGDOM Approved On:19-Nov-1987 Approval Withdrawn:8-Nov-1990 11/19/87 11/8/90

but i cant quite confirm that

also ESN does it begin with

140100 Kokusai PX8275/PX8375 Kokusai Philips PCR30 1000 channel unit
140200 Kokusai PX81275/81375 1320 channel unit - (c) 2013