Ericsson EH97

Ericsson EH97
Back of the Ericsson Hotline EH97
Ericsson EH97 Aeiral
Ericsson EH97 - 4 phones
Ericsson EH97 GSM and ETACS
Ericsson EH97 under battery
Ericsson EH97 ESN lables
Ericsson EH97
Ericsson EH97
Ericsson EH97 data label
Ericsson EH97 close up
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Ericsson EH97

Year: 1993

Standard: ETACS
Factory Code: 1331
TAC: S/1208/4/N/502624
Notes: Ericsson Hotline 1331 20/22/00 and 20/45/00

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This was my second ever mobile phone, I bought it from Makro.
It was my first new mobile phone.

I loved its flashing status LED.
If your battery was going flat during a call, you could remove the battery mid call, fit a new battery and the call would continue - I'd like to shake the hand of whoever thought of that !

by: spectreman
2014. May 14. 06:28
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by: spectreman
2014. May 14. 06:29
Hi. Was an AMPS version of this model ever made ?
Cheers, Chris.

by: oldmobil
2014. May 23. 12:31
Yes, but nobody seen it :-)
Early Ericsson materials wrote about AMPS version of Sandra phone.
In Ericsson type lists there is an AH97 AMPS model, maybe it is, but
there is some confusion with DH97? (D-AMPS) model.
Severeal years ago I found a photo of AMPS or D-AMPS Sandra phone
on the net:
Maybe this is what you mean...

by: oldmobil
2014. May 23. 12:39
And here is a DH198 from the Esato Ericsson forum:

by: torshammer
2014. Aug 16. 23:28
Here is a picture of an AH97 in my collection. ... 5587204530 - (c) 2013