Motorola StarTAC V3688

Motorola StarTAC V3688
Motorola StarTAC 3160
Motorola StarTAC 3160
Motorola StarTAC V3688
Motorola StarTAC V3688
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Motorola StarTAC V3688

Year: 1998

Standard: GSM 1900
Factory Code: n/a
TAC: 010017
Notes: n/a

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by: TheMaritimeMan
2016. Apr 25. 10:20
Discussion about Motorola StarTAC V3688. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: TheMaritimeMan
2016. Apr 25. 10:25
This listing doesn't make any sense. The Motorola V3688 is not a StarTAC, and the phone in the picture is not a V3688. And the V3688 is GSM 900/1800, not 1900.

by: Thomas
2016. Apr 25. 15:37

I know certainly the first v. GSM mobile, the V3688. I was one of the first in Germany who got this device! 8-)

The information on the Motorola V3688 StarTac I've found on this page:

The IMEI 010017 is out there for the Motorola StarTac V3688. This is a GSM 1900 PCS device.


by: TheMaritimeMan
2016. Apr 25. 17:12
I dug through two pages of Google search results, and they all say the same thing. The V3688 is not a StarTAC - it's just called the Motorola V3688, and it doesn't look like a StarTAC - it looks like a V3600-series phone, which it is. And everything says it's GSM 900/1800. ... _v3688.php ... ies/specs/

by: Thomas
2016. Apr 25. 17:29
Yes, I know that the V3688 is not a StarTac. I bought the StarTac on Ebay in the US and thought at first that it is an 7000g. It also looks exactly like this.

But what you say on the entry to

The TAC is 10017 and they called it StarTAC V3688. The TAC for the 7000g is 10025.

At Motorola, it is not impossible that a StarTAC have so called, right ? Motorola amazes me again and again, because I always find something new or different.

Thomas - (c) 2013