Technophone PC105AM

Technophone PC105AM
Technophone PC105AM
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Technophone PC-105AM

Year: 1986

Standard: AMPS 800
Factory Code: PC 105AM
TAC: n/a
Notes: AMPS version of the PC105 Pocketphone. Sold by Mobiletronics in Australia. Cost $5000 new.

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by: spectreman
2014. Nov 23. 09:48
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by: spectreman
2014. Nov 23. 09:52
Very happy to have one of these models, I believe these are pretty rare.
Unfortunately, it does not power up anymore. The internal battery pack was totally stuffed & has caused some corrosion inside the phone on the circuit board. Real shame. I have now removed the battery pack to stop any further corrosion from happening.
But still a very nice display piece !

by: gwil
2017. Mar 27. 12:43
I have just inherited the same model.

It has the same issues as yours with the battery leak but otherwise it is in good condition.

Everything is included from the plastic brief case -style case to the dialling code booklets and even the plastic folding pen.

Although it cost ÂŁ2000 new, nobody seems to be interested in it and I can't find much about it online which is a shame. - (c) 2013