Motorola Dynatac 6000XL Transportable

Motorola Dynatac 6000XL Transportable
Motorola Dynatac 6000XL Transportable
Motorola Dynatac 6000XL Transportable
Motorola Dynatac 6000XL Transportable
Motorola Dynatac 6000XL Transportable
Motorola Dynatac 6000XL Transportable
Motorola Dynatac 6000XL Transportable
Motorola Dynatac 6000XL Transportable
Motorola Dynatac 6000XL Transportable
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Motorola Dynatac 6000XL Transportable

Year: 1987

Standard: AMPS 800
Factory Code: S1600AC
TAC: n/a
Notes: 3w transportable. Earlier version of the Tough Talker phone.

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by: spectreman
2014. Oct 24. 11:23
Discussion about Motorola Dynatac 6000XL Transportable. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: spectreman
2014. Oct 24. 11:29
One of my favourite phones I have so far.
Does anyone have a copy of the user manual for this model ?
I cannot select the feature menu properly.
FNC 9 RCL will get into the feature menu, but I cannot scroll through the different options at all. Very strange.
RCL * selects the system modes ok though.
It has an Alpha name tag option too.
Clearly the button sequences for this model are somewhat different to any other Motorola I have.
Cheers, Chris.

by: TheMaritimeMan
2015. Jan 18. 05:02
Beautiful phone Chris. I hope someday I can get a hold of one of these.

Strange about the menu system. I assume you've tried the * and # keys, and the keys on the side of the handset?

by: spectreman
2015. Jan 18. 06:01
Hi Trent. Yes, still one of my favourite phones.
I have tried all the usual combinations & still cannot scroll through the feature menu.
I also now have a Minitac 6800XL car phone, very unusual model.
It uses a 3w transceiver with special firmware in it, & a Microtac phone connects to it via an interface box & cable.
The 3w transceiver takes the NAM info from the Microtac, and you control all the microtac features from the Minitac car phone handset. Yes, I must upload this onto the website one day.
Have a Dynatac 2000 handset on the way now too.
Cheers, Chris.

by: spectreman
2016. Feb 12. 08:50
Ah, now have the genuine leather carry bag for this phone.
And a user manual supplement for this model.
This has to be my number 1 favourite Motorola phone, along with the Minitac 6800XL with voice control.

by: Jaguarvdp1
2016. Mar 04. 01:56
Hi spectreman,
I have one of these in my car and have never been able to unlock it. Would you be kind enough to help me unlock it.
Doesn't matter what I try, when I push "Power", the screen just says locked. :shock:

by: spectreman
2016. Mar 04. 02:21
The unlock code is 3 digits.
You key in the correct 3 digit code after power on, it will then unlock.
Try the default code of 123. Or you can try using the last 3 digits of the mobiles phone number, if you know it.
Otherwise, it will be some other random number.
Then you will have to put the phone into NAM program mode to find out or change the lock code.
Let me know how you go with it.
Cheers, Chris

by: Jaguarvdp1
2016. Mar 04. 02:24
Oh boy,
What an idiot I am, apparently all I had to do was turn on the ignition and it came on! But now I need a copy of a manual so I can operate it. Can anyone help for the Motorola 6000x and xl.

by: Jaguarvdp1
2016. Mar 04. 02:29
Hi Chris,
Thanks for that. I see you are in Oz. well so am I and I would like to know if this will actually work here in Melbourne or will it be analogue and just for looks?

by: spectreman
2016. Mar 04. 05:03
Hi Charles.
Ok about your 6000 phone, glad you got it unlocked ok.
This is an analogue phone, so will not work anymore in Australia.
I do however have a cellular test set that I can still use all my old analogue phones with.
Are you a collector of old mobiles, or just happen to have this one phone in your car ?
You can contact me further at
Cheers, Chris - (c) 2013