Motorola MP1-1D11 Memphis

Motorola MP1-1D11 Memphis
Motorola MP1-1D11 Memphis
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Motorola Allround

Year: 1998

Standard: GSM 1800
Factory Code: MP1-1D11
TAC: n/a
Notes: E-Plus version of the C160

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by: oldmobil
2015. Jan 27. 12:56
Discussion about Motorola Allround. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment! ... a-Allround

by: oldmobil
2015. Jan 27. 13:02
Hello Thomas,
Are You sure this phone is Traveller?
As I konow traveller is this: ... er%2Betacs
or/and this: ... r%2B1161be
It seems to be an EPlus C160.

It is difficult to figure out naming of the d160 family...
I've tried to collect them if You can please amend:

A160: analogue ETACS?
A130: analogue ETACS
D160: GSM900
Memphis: (One2One branded D160, GSM900)
Justtalk: (Orange branded D160, GSM900)
mr201: same above, Orange branded D160
C160: (MP1-1D11) DCS version (GSM1800)
Allround: e-Plus branded GSM1800 version
CD160: dual band version of D160 (900/1800)
D170: flip version of d160 (GSM900)
Manhattan (?)

by: Thomas
2015. Jan 27. 14:15
Hi Peter,

you are right. This mobile was sold by E-Plus as Motorola Allround. But there is another Motorola mobile called Traveller. It is the E-Plus version of the International 8800. I confounded the two E-Plus... :roll:

by: oldmobil
2015. Jan 27. 15:20
Ahh, Motorola-chaos :-)
I renamed topic too, thanks! - (c) 2013