Nokia 9110i Communicator

Nokia 9110i Communicator
Nokia 9110i
Nokia 9110i
Nokia 9110i
Nokia 9110i
Nokia 9110i Communicator
Nokia 9110i Communicator
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Nokia 9110i Communicator

Year: 1999

Standard: GSM 900
Factory Code: RAE-2N
TAC: 490543
Notes: WAP version of original 9110 (release year varies by sources 1999-2000)

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by: Meshari
2015. Sep 21. 06:37
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by: Meshari
2015. Sep 21. 06:40

This is one of the best communicators out there, it was stable, had a good battery life, and you were the favorite of anyone around you since you could have sent ringtones via IR.

I was wondering about the batteries for this phone, I cannot seem to find any as I got a couple new ones but unfortunatly no where to find a working battery. any information on model number is apprecaited.

by: Meshari
2015. Dec 01. 00:49
After weeks of looking for this Battery. I have found the model number "BLN-3"

They are very rare and I bought a dead 9110 just to get the batteries that came with it, it came with 1 Original and 1 aftermarket. where the original seems to work and hold a decent charge. where I used the aftermarket for cover for a cell I had of a broken battery case. win/win.

Aftermarkets are rare too and new ones can barely be found, I got about all i found. 5 already and paired 2 with the phones I have. now I'm using this daily. the worm (snake) game is so fun! still at this day and age it is much more fun. - (c) 2013