Spectronic TS2200 factory photo

Spectronic TS2200 factory photo
Spectronic TS2200 factory photo
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Spectronic TS-2200

Year: 2001

Standard: GSM 900/1800
Factory Code: n/a
TAC: n/a
Notes: n/a

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Full A4 VGA width
Fast as a keyboard
Easy as a touchscreen

"What we need is not a miniaturized office computer" ?? says Per Siversson, Managing Director of Spectronic. "The usage of a computer is simply not feasible with a mobile device. The busy user has no use for a complicated file hierarchy with different folders and storage units. And he does not need different programs for word processing, fax, emails and SMS ?? there is no difference in writing a text in one case or the other. Mobile multimedia is supposed to be an aid in our daily lives, not complex and time consuming"

The Third Way

Spectronic has created a phone that is faster and easier to use than anything else on the market. The total time for creating a message with text, image and sound is minimal ?? up to 68 percent faster than competing systems.

Efficient communication is not only a question of bandwidth and transfer time. It´s above all a question about ourselves ?? and what we do with our time. With a completely new user system, in combination with the unique way of controlling the phone, the Spectronic Sidetouch saves much of your valuable time. Following the keyboard and the touch screen comes: The Third Way.

Fast usage ?? quick learning

There is no need to find and start different applications, which saves a lot of time. By using a completely document-oriented system the user decides what to do ?? how it is taken care of by the system. On other systems the user decides how ?? by selecting different applications for email, fax and SMS. There is no need to learn different applications in a document oriented system.

This way maximum flexibility is achieved with no restrictions to certain media types or transfer methods. A message can be sent as, for example, a fax and an email simultaneously. A picture, taken with the built-in digital colour camera, can be added to the message. The email is then sent with the picture attached as a file and the fax is sent with the picture as a part of the message. There is no need for the user to care about these differences ?? it is taken care of by the system. Other systems can not even create combined faxes, SMS and emails.

Fast finding

All sorting is taken care of by the system. The busy user finds all information sorted accordingly to its address, subject, time, picture or sound. This way, all searching is intuitive and there is no need for abstract thinking. The common computer user spends much time organizing, sorting and deleting information. The Spectronic Sidetouch takes care of all this for you. The phone even throws out old, low-priority, information, which is why you will never run out of available memory.

Only three simple commands, "Yes", "New" and "Basket", are needed to use an object, no matter whether it is a picture, sound, text or an address. Wherever you are, you can always read, create a new or put an object in a basket with these three commands. The basket is used for gathering related information, for example an address and a text to send as an email.

Intelligent hardware saves time

The Sidetouch system is a smooth and friendly way of controlling a mobile phone using no buttons, touch screens with separate styluses or joysticks. With the Sidetouch system, a gentle touch on the side of the phone, selects a function or writes a letter. You can select the correct letter directly, without moving a pointer or scrolling in a list. It is just as fast as a keyboard and also as easy as a touch screen. The phone can also always be used with just one hand, which is completely unique!

With the Sidetouch system the entire front of the phone is reserved for the display. The large, always active, screen displays faxes and web pages the way they are supposed to be displayed, in full A4 and VGA-width.

Internal colour camera

Use the built in digital camera to take pictures. With Sidetouch, the telephone becomes a camera with the controls on top. The images will be shown on the phone screen and saved in the telephone memory to be viewed later or forwarded as fax or e-mail.

Send a voice message together with an image

Sidetouch Multimedia Telephone also functions as a voice memory, similar to a tape recorder. The message is recorded in for example WAV format. The voice message can then be played back or sent as an e-mail or MMS together with a colour picture.

Voice confirmation

Some times you want to use the phone without looking at it, for instance when driving a car. With the introduction of the Voice confirmation system, Spectronic addresses this need. The telephone tells you which digit (or symbol etc.) you have pressed, allowing you to slide your thumb to the correct number before lifting the thumb to confirm the selection.

Personal organizer

The Personal organizer in Sidetouch Multimedia Telephone has an intelligent electronic library for e-mail, faxes, pictures, sounds, , names, addresses, phone numbers, notes, reminders etc. Calendar and contacts can be synchronized with MS Outlook. The telephone has also vCard support for business card interchange.

The Internet Web and WAP browser

With a horizontally placed telephone, you will enjoy full VGA width of the Internet page, i.e. the telephone screen has the same number of characters in breadth and graphics as a PC monitor. The Sidetouch system now functions as a horizontal touch pad on the top of the telephone. The cursor makes it easy to mark links, scroll and write addresses, as you would on an ordinary computer.

Source: WEB archive of http://www.spectronic.se/english_new/ts2200_2.asp


by: stalker9
2013. Nov 28. 13:21
Hallo! It is very interesting if somebody have this communicator? I am looking for this communicator about year and nothing. So little information.

by: oldmobil
2013. Nov 28. 16:04
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by: oldmobil
2013. Nov 28. 16:10
I haven't, but it is really interesting phone. I uploaded some image and PDF materials thanks for web.archive.org, maybe we'll meet here anybody who touched it!

by: stalker9
2013. Nov 29. 13:40
Thank you, Oldmobil, for uploaded pdf files. You are very kind and really love old phones. I tried to load that files from wayback internet machine but failed. But you did it, thanks.

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