Fujitsu Traveller D

Fujitsu Traveller D
Fujitsu Traveller D
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Fujitsu Traveller D

Year: 1989

Standard: AMPS 800
Factory Code: n/a
TAC: n/a
Notes: Fujitsu Commander series phone, made for Telecom Australia.

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Uses the same SLA battery pack as the Motorola bag phones.
The main power switch is a tiny sliding switch on the base of the handset, next to the cable connector.
The NAM can be fully programmed from the handset.
Has call timers, signal meter, but I cannot find a battery level meter anywhere !

by: spectreman
2013. Nov 24. 00:29
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by: spectreman
2013. Nov 24. 00:30
Hi. Looking for a handbook for this phone.
If anyone has a Fujitsu Commander series phone handbook, I would be very keen to have a copy of it.
Thanks, Chris.

by: NokiaTAC
2017. Apr 25. 07:14
Cool phone! I have a Fujitsu Commander II. Which is a very similar phone built for the American market. However mine is a car phone and not a transportable unit. - (c) 2013