Sony CM-Z200

Sony CM-Z200
Sony CM-Z200 display
Sony CM-Z200 diassembled
Sony CM-Z200 diassembled
Sony CM-Z200 diassembled
Sony CM-Z200 diassembled
Sony CM-Z200 data label
Sony CM-Z200
Sony CM-Z200
Sony CM-Z200
Sony CM-Z200
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Sony CM-Z200

Year: 1999

Standard: CDMA 800
Factory Code: n/a
TAC: n/a
Notes: CM-Z200 "Zuma" . Qualcomm MSM2300 based. Year of manufacture probably is approximate

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by: oldmobil
2013. Nov 16. 20:49
Discussion about Sony CM-Z200. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: oldmobil
2013. Nov 16. 20:59
Hi, I happy to see this great upload with diassembed images and welcome on the board!
In Latvia there is CDMA 800 network?

by: Baltais Tehvs
2013. Nov 17. 03:18
nice to be here and make this project better :) together we can!

My possesion with phone collection started "from inside" - "hobby" and full time work - mobile phone repairs .
So whats inside is so intriguing as all other feelin`s about collecting :mrgreen:
Lots of phones share same specs , but differs inside : chipsets , construction etc ..
or vice versa - different looks but same tech.
so , in my humble opinion , for preserving information about old phone this info is also essential.

cdma800 - nope , in Latvia there is no such network and newer was.
we have a cdma2000 (1x/EV-DO rev0/A/B ) operating on "old nmt" 450 Mhz frequencies ( Telekom Baltija with brandname Triatel )

this Zuma phone is one of my recent ebay purchase .
seller info states that phone was bought loong time ago somewhere in "other side of lake"
and sticker on battery tells "Vancell communications inc. ... " - Vancouver , Canada

by: oldmobil
2013. Nov 18. 10:55
this is a perfect job for a mobile collector, or perfect hobby for a phone repairist :)
This cdma2000 operator is interesting, as I see it offers modems and tabletop
phones mainly?
The old NMT450 freqs in Hungary was teransferred to other services in 2003 when
Westel 0660 ceased its operation...

by: Baltais Tehvs
2013. Nov 18. 21:12
yeah , perfect , but hard to balance sometimes :lol:

Triatel won a tender from government to give wireless broadband to rural regions of country in 2010.
Yes , they did but ..
it was far more expensive compared to "usual" 3g/3.75g
rewievs from customers was mostly neitral than positive
promised 14mbps was rarely achieved ( rev B is not everywhere )
and about voice communications...
there was allways a small choice of phones ( in 21st century when everybody want`s a smartphones , cameraphones etc - you get kinda yesterdays phone at relatively high price , which even is bonded ( at least there was some time when it was bonded ) between devices serialnumber and r-uim card - that means to change a phone you must go to customer center and do paperworks ) and voice quality was ... better not saying anything :mrgreen:
maybe there was some improvements in last years , but train is already gone - there is no iphones or Galaxy`ies with cdma2000 @ 450 mhz = no customers , and seems that they abandoning "voice call" segment .

They ( Triatel ) also trying to cut that "mobile broadband" also for too-rural regions , as there is not enough customers
under lines : no more financing no more internets .

anyways - i think - cdma gets a hard times (agains ) - gsm/umts ir far more superior and already almost everywhere .
for example : for usual browsing and catvideos on youtube it is not diffrerence you sit on mobile broadband or 400mbit optics
( ok , ok , ping is bettter and 400 is 400 , but for "usual" as said before - it is no difference , even if you are in middle of forest ( peresonally tested : 3 from 4 rural places gives no problem with 3,75g ) )
and the big monster LTE ir already here ...
so we`ll see , we`ll see .. - (c) 2013