Novatel NVT - 1320

Novatel NVT - 1320
Novatel NVT - 1320 transceiver
Novatel NVT - 1320
Novatel NVT - 1320
Novatel NVT - 1320
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Novatel NVT - 1320

Year: 1989

Standard: ETACS
Factory Code: NVT 1320
TAC: S/2841/4/J/501334
Notes: Made in Hong Kong

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by: spectreman
2013. Oct 26. 01:37
Discussion about Novatel NVT - 1320. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: spectreman
2013. Oct 26. 01:40
Nice phone.
The transciever unit looks identical to the one with my Novatel 8305.
Very ruggedly made unit.

by: hywel
2013. Oct 26. 01:48
i'm not sure if the handset is the right one, but I think it is !

by: spectreman
2013. Oct 26. 05:27
Not sure about your handset, the handset with my set is quite different.
Have you tried powering up the phone yet ?

by: hywel
2013. Oct 26. 14:28
The AA and this handset, seem to be interchangeable, I "radio error 3" on both ??

by: spectreman
2013. Oct 27. 00:33
I have a copy of the Novatel 8300 series training manual, Australian version.
There is no mention of the error codes in it, however, so cannot help you out with that.
You could try these commands though :-

To enter Configuration mode:-
Lock the phone with the lock button.
Enter #259
Use the increase volume button to advance through the various screens.
Change value by pressing SND.
Exit the mode with END (this updates changes to the phone).

To enter Billing mode:-
Lock the phone.
Enter #185
Same controls as above.

To enter Service Mode:-
Lock the phone.
Enter #83*
(I have not used this mode at all yet , however).

To display the diagnostics screen (channel, RSSI etc):-
Press FCN 9 to start, FCN 9 to exit.

Yes, i will upload this training manual on the 8305 page.

Cheers, Chris. - (c) 2013