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Year: 1995

Standard: AMPS 800
Factory Code: n/a
TAC: n/a
Notes: This unit was made in Australia. Has time & date display, alarms. The NAM data is fully programmable from the keypad (similar to P3-10 programming).

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by: spectreman
2013. Oct 26. 00:29
Discussion about NEC P7. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: spectreman
2013. Oct 26. 00:32
Just added this phone, have not seen too many of these models around.
I do not have any battery packs for it, using a homemade pack for now.
If anyone has any battery packs for the P7, please let me know.
I am also looking for a handbook for it.
Thanks, Chris.

by: spectreman
2013. Nov 19. 10:57
Hi all.
I now have a NEC P700 phone, the US version of the P7, complete with charger and handbook.
Interesting though, the NAM programming for the P7 does not work with the P700, and it appears that no one figured out how to do it.

by: Baltais Tehvs
2013. Nov 19. 11:55
Hi , Spectreman :)

Hope this will help : ... index.html

this resource also contains info about how to program other brands and other interesting info :)

by: spectreman
2013. Nov 20. 13:18
Cool, thanks for finding this info ! Will try it out when I get back home.

by: spectreman
2014. Mar 05. 19:13
I now have a third NEC P7 phone, Australian made version, labelled the Telecom Walkabout P7 on the rear.
This one comes with the full hands free adapter unit, and the RF booster unit.
Booster model is A5M3W-31A
HF Adapter model is EZ-3450

I gather the booster provides a 3w output, cannot find any technical info about it at all.
I also have the Australian version of the user handbook for the P7.

I will post some pics of these units soon, I have mounted it all inside a carry case. - (c) 2013