NEC MP5B2B6-1A back of phone
NEC MP5B2B6-1A - under battery
NEC MP5B2B6-1A - ESN lable
NEC MP5B2B6-1A - 5 the same
NEC MP5B2B6-1A - 1 made in japan rest in uk, two different types of uk label
NEC MP5B2B6-1A battery
NEC MP5B2B6-1A battery label
NEC P100 - BT advert
NEC P100 - BT Prices
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NEC P100

Year: 1993

Standard: ETACS
Factory Code: MP5B2B6-1A
TAC: S/1050/4/P/502785
Notes: P100 ? P110 ? Round number keys, diamond 9 earpiece BT JET possibly

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NEC P100 - Nam porgramming
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