NEC TR5E1000-9A

NEC TR5E1000-9A
NEC TR5E1000-9A - Green Cirlce number and ESN
NEC TR5E1000-9A
NEC TR5E1000-9A - ESN Range Info
NEC TR5E1000-9A and NEC TR5E1320-9A compared
NEC TR5E1000-9A and NEC TR5E1320-9A compared
NEC TR5E 1000 9A
NEC TR5E 1000 9A
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NEC TR5E 1000 9A

Year: 1987

Standard: ETACS
Factory Code: TR5E1000-9A
TAC: S/1060/4/H/500659
Notes: A 1000 channel Etacs unit - Yes I thought they were 600 or 1320

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by: Attila
2013. Oct 14. 14:16
Hi everyone!
The Nec 9A type phone twice on website. So please merge two phone page.
Best regards,

by: oldmobil
2013. Oct 14. 21:19
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by: oldmobil
2013. Oct 14. 21:24
Hello, thanks, done!

by: hywel
2013. Oct 15. 00:44
these phones are not duplicates , please unmerge these records.

see photos

approval number and model number are different

White phone NEC TR5E1000-9A S/1060/4/h/500659 APPROVED 5/29/1987
Black phone NEC TR5E1320-9A S/1060/4/J/501184 APPROVED 11/29/1988


by: oldmobil
2013. Oct 15. 10:39
Hello, thanks for correction and upload compare images!

by: spectreman
2018. Nov 08. 23:11
I have the AMPS version of this phone, was locally called the NEC 9B.
A pretty study unit alright ! The battery pack in mine still charges ok too.
Would love to find the original drop in charger for it though... - (c) 2013