Mitsubishi MT-799

Mitsubishi MT-799
Mitsubishi MT 779
Mitsubishi MT-799 - rear
Mitsubishi MT-799 - data label
Mitsubishi MT-799 - display
Mitsubishi MT-799 FOR6A - under battery
Mitsubishi TACS - Family Photo
Mitsubishi MT- 5
Mitsubishi MT- 5
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Mitsubishi MT- 5

Year: 1991

Standard: ETACS
Factory Code: MT-799 FOR6A
TAC: S/1061/4/L/502059
Notes: n/a

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by: hywel
2013. Nov 03. 22:53
Discussion about Mitsubishi MT 799. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: hywel
2013. Nov 03. 22:55
Atilla, could you check the code for this phone, I have one thats very similar thats MT-799FOR6A ??



by: Attila
2013. Nov 04. 00:13

Yeah, thanks, I wrote wrong code. The true code is MT-799 F0R6A


by: oldmobil
2013. Nov 04. 10:44
Hello, I renamed topic too. - (c) 2013