NEC Sportz

NEC Sportz
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NEC Sportz

Year: 1994

Standard: AMPS 800
Factory Code: MP5A1B9-1G
TAC: n/a
Notes: Standard featured AMPS portable phone. Nearly identical to the P110 model, but this version has firmware in it specific for Australia. Built in Australia. Original cost was $990 AUD.

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The UK ETACS version of this Phone can be found here

Test mode and NAM Programming

To enter test mode:
(lock code) FCN-9 (lock code) FCN MEM 76 MEM #01

"test" appears

MEM #01 - LCD Screen Test; lights all digits on the screen
MEM #02 - Reboots phone; exits test mode
MEM #22 - ? Changes all the digits to 1's and fills the screen
MEM #23 - Phone firmware version
MEM #24 - Reads ESN
MEM #26 - Total Calls Made on the phone in hours and mins
MEM #39 - Memory initialise
MEM #61 - Status display mode (enter 1 to enable)
MEM #71 - NAM programming - use # to cycle through menus

The default lock code is 0000, 1234, or the last 4 digits of the phone number. If you can't get this to work, you need a dongle (hardware) to get into the phone's test mode.
This is just the basic test mode though.

The NEC Analog Family ..
Where does this phone fit into the NEC analog family ..

by: hywel
2013. Oct 16. 01:02
Discussion about NEC P3-10. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: hywel
2013. Oct 16. 01:03
I like the test mode instructions, it would be nice to have the NAM programming and the Test mode instructions with every analog phone.


by: spectreman
2013. Oct 17. 01:25
Yes, the programming instructions are good, but they apply to the US version P110 model, not this one.
Half the NAM data fields in the P3-10 are totally different, do not know what they do !
Have no tech info for this model either.

by: spectreman
2014. Jun 07. 05:15
I thought this phone was the P310 but is actually just known as the Sportz model.
The P310 or Walkabout 310 is quite different, has a dot matrix LCD display, more memories & more features.
I do have one, but is unfortunately faulty, so I cannot check out all the features of the P310.
Not sure if the P310 was produced outside of Australia, the firmware in it was Australian designed. - (c) 2013