Motorola Startac 6500

Motorola Startac 6500
Motorola Startac 6500e
Motorola Startac 6500e back
Motorola Startac 6500e open
Motorola Startac 6500e Charcoal
Motorola Startac 6500e Charcoal back
Motorola Startac 6500e Charcoal open
Motorola Startac 6500e Montana Blue
Motorola Startac 6500e Montana Blue back
Motorola Startac 6500e Montana Blue open
Motorola Startac 6500e on
Motorola StarTAC 6500e
Motorola StarTAC 6500e
Motorola StarTAC 6500e
Motorola StarTAC 6500e
Motorola StarTAC 6500e
Motorola StarTAC 6500e
Motorola StarTAC 6500e
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Motorola StarTAC 6500e

Year: 1997

Standard: AMPS 800
Factory Code: SUF3400B
TAC: n/a
Notes: Single line orange or green dot matrix LED display.

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Mid-level StarTAC phone with seven-digit LED screen and Vibracall alert. Available in Black, Charcoal, Steel, Montana Blue & Sedona Sunset colors.

by: spectreman
2015. Aug 04. 13:50
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by: spectreman
2015. Aug 04. 13:55
Hi Mr Startac.
So this Startac version with the dot matrix LED display is the 6500e, did not know this.
Why were two different display modes of the same 6500 phone made ?
And which type of display was more popular with this model ?
I guess the LCD display is less power hungry, so the battery would last a bit longer with LCD.
Personally, I much prefer the LED displays on old mobiles.
Cheers, Chris.

by: Mr.StarTAC
2015. Aug 04. 19:12
Hi Chris,

You'd think the LCD version would be more widespread because it uses less power and easier to see in broad daylight, but the LED startacs were everywhere unlike the LCDs, not sure why. Maybe Moto had the infrastructure in place already to crank out LED modules and it was a cheaper route. It seemed they always had an LCD variant for all of their microtac versions, but were always hugely outnumbered by the LED models, at least here in the states. Once in a while you'll still see the (1-line) LCD AMPS startacs for sale online.

by: loblolly986
2017. Mar 21. 08:42
Hey Thomas:

Could you post a photo of the blue phone in the second and third photos showing the battery compartment labels, or at least post the model number and MSN? Just interested in knowing...

The small embossed StarTAC logo on the inner side of the flip indicates this is an early unit from 1996 or early '97, and that plus the lack of a "VIB" label on the 8 key point to this actually being a StarTAC 6000 (the 6500 apparently came out sometime in March to June of 1997...).

by: Thomas
2017. Mar 23. 15:07

I will check the MSN this weekend and send the information asap.


by: Thomas
2017. Mar 25. 16:54
Hi again,

The MSN is 572GWVL000, so it is made in October 1996. The Model number is 80068NABPA.


by: loblolly986
2017. Mar 26. 06:32
Hi Thomas:

Thanks, that's a nice early unit. Seeing that this is evidently a 6000, the photos should be moved to the 6000e listing if possible. Do you have any other 1996-dated StarTACs in your collection?

Recently had the good fortune of acquiring two early StarTAC 6000's on separate occasions with a date code of WS (September 1996), placing them among the earliest units to be issued as that model was announced on September 30. Interestingly, both have the VIB label on the 8 key despite the absence of that feature; perhaps Motorola hadn't started producing the "VIB"-less keypads yet when these were made. I intend to post photos soon.


by: Thomas
2017. Mar 28. 14:45
Hi Zachary,

Thank you for the info! Then I move the mobile phone to the 6000 series. ;) I look in my database, when my oldest Star TAC were built.

It would be nice if you would put some pictures on this page! :!:


by: Thomas
2017. Apr 19. 11:49
Hi Zachary,

I removed the pictures and will upload these on the 6000e page soon. I do not have other StarTac phones from 1996, except on, which I got within the few prototype phnes. It is an 8500 VIP and it was made in March 1996. So it is maybe one of the first 8500 VIP ever.

Thomas - (c) 2013