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Nokia 232 (AMPS)

Year: 1994

Standard: AMPS 800
Factory Code: THA-41E
TAC: n/a
Notes: n/a

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Nokia 232N User guide
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Original press release of US (AMPS) version of Nokia 323

Sears to Distribute Nokia Cellular Phones in US

January 05, 1996
Both companies emphasize quality and style, family and security
Nokia, the world's second largest manufacturer of cellular phones, and Sears today announced an agreement whereby the retail giant will distribute Nokia phones in its Brand Central departments throughout the United States.
The agreement is the first of its kind signed by Nokia in this country as part of its recently launched national retail campaign to broaden the Finland-based manufacturer's U.S. distribution. Market research studies conducted by Nokia indicate strong purchasing appeal across a broad range of consumers in demographic and psychographic groups.
"This agreement signals Nokia's strength in the consumer marketplace and will dramatically increase the availability of Nokia cellular phones nationwide," said Paul Chellgren, president of Nokia Mobile Phones, Inc., the U.S. sales unit for Nokia cellular phones. "We are extremely pleased to have a major retail customer such as Sears in the first 90 days of our national retail campaign."
Sears will sell two Nokia cellular phone products: the recently announced Nokia 636, a handheld portable designed for first-time users, and the award-winning Nokia 232, a small, lightweight handportable with easy-to-use features for both business users and consumers. The Nokia 232 is the first cellular phone available in the United States in an array of designer colors and patterns that reflect consumers' individual tastes and lifestyles.
"Sears Brand Central offers the most popular assortment of competitively-priced, quality brands in home electronics," said Chuck Cebuhar, divisional vice president, Home Electronics, Sears Brand Central. "The Nokia 636 and 232 are examples of finely designed products that provide both style and security for all members of the family."
The Nokia 636 is the first phone designed for the retail market. The phone is easy to operate and comfortable to hold. In its standard configuration, the phone weighs 8.5 ounces, provides two hours of talk time and 26 hours of standby time. The Nokia 636 has a large 16-character display, four, one-touch "function" keys and menu-driven, abbreviated NAM programming instructions make activation easy for Sears associates.
The Nokia 232 is a phone for every style- and performance-conscious consumer. It includes such advanced features as an easy-to-learn interface highlighted by a large 16-character display, an extensive list of programmable features, as well as an award-winning design. With its extended battery, the Nokia 232 weighs 8.7 ounces and provides one hour and 50 minutes of talk time and 26 hours of standby time. Four one-touch dialing keys make the Nokia 232 as easy to use as it is fun to carry.
Both the Nokia 636 and 232 cellular phones are available now in Sears stores nationwide.

Nokia Announces New Dual-Mode AMPS/N-AMPS Portable Cellular Telephone for N-AMPS Markets

January 05, 1996
The 232N combines the award winning design of the 232 with the power of digital messaging. Nokia, the world's second largest manufacturer of cellular phones, today announced the Nokia 232N, a N-AMPS version of the award winning Nokia 232.

The new phone features a large 16-character display with permanent signal and battery strength indicators, four "one-touch" dialing keys for instant access to emergency services, voice mail, frequently called numbers and the famous user-friendly Nokia menu interface. In addition, the 232N is data ready via an optional cable which enables you to connect the phone to any compatible PCMCIA modem card allowing you to send and receive faxes, data and e-mail via a cellular network. The phone also comes with a full complement of accessories ranging from AC & DC chargers to installed hands-free car kits with three watt boosters.

To support Digital Messaging Service, an optional enhanced service offered by most N-AMPS cellular networks, the 232N is capable of receiving and storing up to 20 short messages in the same manner as a pager. These messages can take the form of short text messages such as CALL HOME or CALL OFFICE, the calling party's phone number, or a notification that you have a voice mail waiting. The 232N even simplifies the process of responding to messages by enabling the user to call back a number left in a message or to retrieve voice mail messages with a single keystroke.

N-AMPS, or narrowband AMPS, is a system-overlay technology that allows enhanced digital-like features, such as Digital Messaging Service, to phones operating in a traditional analog-based AMPS network.

In its standard configuration with a 550 mAh NiMH battery, the Nokia 232N weighs 7.6 ounces, provides 1 hour 10 minutes of talk time and 15 hours of standby time. Optional NiCd and MiMH slim and ultra extended battery packs are available which provide up to 2.5 hours of talk time and 32 hours of standby time.

Like its fashionable cousin, the Nokia 232, the 232N is also available in a variety of colored and patterned faceplates allowing users to customize their phones to match their individual tastes.

"With the 232, Nokia set the standard among AMPS phones for hiding powerful features behind a friendly user interface and packaging it all in a beautifully designed phone," said John Ferrari, product marketing specialist for Nokia Mobile Phones, Inc., a unit of Nokia, Inc., the US subsidiary of Finland-based Nokia. " This tradition will continue with the introduction of the 232N, which again will set the standard among dual-mode N-AMPS phones in terms of powerful, easy to use features contained within an award-winning phone design."

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