Nokia CITYMAN 500

Nokia CITYMAN 500
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Nokia CITYMAN 500

Year: 1994

Standard: ETACS
Factory Code: THX-41V
TAC: n/a
Notes: n/a

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Permanent Signal Strength Indicator

Permanent Battery Strength Indicator

SID Screen (Programmed System Identity Of Phone's Operable Networks)

Alphanumeric Indicator

Display Number Grouping

Auto Answer (w/Car Installation Kit)

Stacking Memory (Last 5 Calls)

User Programmable Lock Code

Low Battery Tone And Message

Keypad Lock

Dual Antenna System: 1/4 when extended; helix when retracted

Two Phone Number Capability

Memory Scan

4 Ringing Type Options

Speed Dial

Own Number Display

Last Number Redial

Last Digit/All-Digit Clear

System Select (A/B/S/H)

Call Timers: Last Call, Cumulative, and Resetable

Electronic Lock Facility

Emergency Call Override

Earpiece Volume Control (5 Levels)

3 Ringer Volume Selections (High/Low/Silent)

Call-In-Absence Indicator


Scratchpad Memory

Supertwist Easy-To-Read Display


184 g with 300 mAh Battery (BTH-8L)


147.3 mm x 53.3 mm x 23.1 mm


0.6 watts ERP

3.0 watts ERP with booster - (c) 2013