Nokia 121

Nokia 121
Nokia 121 - still from Kommissar Rex (TV Series)
Nokia 121 - still from Kommissar Rex (TV Series)
Nokia 121 - still from Kommissar Rex (TV Series)
Nokia 121 back
Nokia 121 battery
Nokia 121 data label
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Nokia 121

Year: 1992

Standard: NMT 450
Factory Code: THN-7 THN-7a
TAC: n/a
Notes: AMPS and TACS versions were also available

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Original press release
Nokia unveils microportable with mobile data capabilities
Nokia Mobile Phones Inc. to market Nokia 121 9.7 oz. cellular
telephone that can send, receive data and facsimile
Product Announcement
Mobile Phone News, Dec 7, 1992

Making mobile data capabilities more convenient for the cellular user, Nokia Mobile Phones' new Nokia 121 microportable cellular phone allows users to send and to receive data and facsimile via cellular transmission. At 9.7 ounces, the phone has an advanced feature package that allows in-car use and an optional Cellular Notebook Link (Link) designed to provide datafax ca abilities. The Link connects the Nokia 121 to Compaq notebook and portable personal computers. Scheduled for January release, the Nokia 121 has a one-year warranty and a suggested list price of $799.

Additionally, Nokia is marketing a private label version of the phone, the PT128, that will be available to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and resellers. The PT128 has the same feature set as the Nokia 121 but carries a three-year warranty and includes a desktop rapid charger. The PT128's suggested list price is $899.

The 121 will be available in different electronic configurations to support the Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS), Total Access Communications Systems (TACS) and Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT) analog cellular standards.

...Car Kit Features Allow Versatility
When used in a vehicle, an auto answer function allows the Nokia 121 automatically to answer the phone after a preset number of rings. If this feature is not selected, users can answer calls by touching any key--not just the SEND key. An optional voice recognition dialer permits hands-free call initiation and operation. The voice sensor recognizes two different voices and has a capacity for 50 names per user in memory. A car-radio mute feature automatically silences the car-radio volume when a call is received.

...Cellular Notebook Link Provides Cellular Datafax Capabilities Nokia 121 owners can access cellular datafax capabilities by purchasing an optional Cellular Notebook Link. The Cellular Notebook Link consists of an intelligent cable that links the 121 with any Compaq SpeedPAQ 144 Modem equipped Compaq computer. The modem and the phone are designed to send and to receive data and fax transmissions via the cellular network.

The Cellular Notebook Link is a coiled cable with a quick-release data cradle that holds the phone while in the fax/data mode. When used with the Compaq SpeedPAQ 144 modem, the Link transmits data at a carrier speed of 4,800 bps. When used with data compression, data throughput of more than 11,000 bps can be achieved. The Link sends and receives fax transmissions at 9,600 bps.

This design eliminates the separate interface box required in most mobile data installations, Nokia said.

Additionally, the phone's design lowers the cost of mobile computing because an external battery is not needed. The cellular phone's battery and the computer's internal power source work together to support the interface.

Battery life for the 121--using the standard 380-mAh battery--provides 45 minutes of talk time and 11 hours' standby.

An extended-life nickel-metal hydride battery provides 120 minutes of talk time and 24 hours' standby. Five charging options are available, including rapid travel, desktop and cigarette-lighter models that charge the standard battery in 30 minutes.

...Nokia Receives Argentina Contract
In a separate action, Nokia received a contract to furnish hand held cellular telephones to the Argentine network operator Movicom, a company jointly owned by BellSouth International, Motorola and local Argentinean investors.

The multimillion dollar agreement calls for Nokia to provide several thousand portable cellular phones for use in the Buenos Aires metropolitan market. Nokia will supply its Nokia 101 microportable phone and its new private label PT128 microportable phone, which is based on the NAMPS enhanced analog transmission standard.

The Nokia phones will have a Spanish LCD display and easy-to-use menu systems that will allow users to control all functions of the phone using Spanish commands. In addition, users will be provided Spanish language training materials and user manuals.
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