Sony Ericsson T230

Sony Ericsson T230
Sony Ericsson T230
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Sony Ericsson T230

Year: 2003

Standard: GSM 900/1800
Factory Code: AAA - 1001012 - BV
TAC: 351927,353653,353652
Notes: n/a

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Sony Ericsson to introduce three new handsets in Taiwan
New phones heavily focused on mobile gaming, the industry's 'next big thing,'
Taiwan News, Staff Reporter / By Marie Feliciano

Handset vendor Sony Ericsson yesterday said it was banking on feature-rich mobile gaming, cool designs, and diverse applications to shore up its handset sales in Taiwan's fiercely contested mobile phone market.

The Japanese-Swedish venture said it expected its three newly launched consumer-oriented handsets - the Z600, Z200, and the T230 - to be its top revenue-generators in the last quarter of 2003.

In fact, the mobile phone provider said its fortunes had already been buoyed by T610 sales.

"The T610 is the top-selling model in Taiwan today," said Sony Ericsson (Taiwan) Senior Manager Silver Huang, showing off his stylish black-and-orange phone.

Over 10,000 units of the T610 model are being sold in Taiwan every month, Huang said.

Equipped with a built-in camera, the handset has a 65K color display, extensive picture-sharing options, mobile Internet, and multimedia text messaging applications. It also has a polyphonic ring tone - the latest ring tone technology that gives users more authentic tunes - and serves as an ideal mobile gaming platform, added the executive.

"It supports Java downloads, so you can grab the most compelling gaming packages into your handset," he continued.

The phone also supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity, allowing the gadget to communicate with other Bluetooth-equipped devices such as headsets, digital cameras, and notebooks, said Huang.

"Even its body is made from aluminum, not plastic," he said.

The Z600, which will be shipped into Taiwan in October, is the first clamshell mobile phone with complete imaging and messaging capabilities, said the official.

The hardware comes with QuickShare technology for imaging, messaging, and gaming. At a product demonstration yesterday, company officials showed that by pressing a couple of keys, an image could be taken. Press six more buttons and you could send the photo to a friend or family member, Huang added.

The handset, which has exchangeable front and back covers, also boasts of a second display that shows the following information: Caller ID, time, and network and battery status. Users could even create their own ring tones with Music DJ and a four-track music creation tool.

Since operators look at mobile gaming as the "next big thing," the Z600 comes with several embedded games including V-Rally2, a racing game for game consoles. Users who want a real game console experience could also get one of Sony's latest game console accessory, Gameboard EGB-10, said Huang.

The phone also supports the Mophun game engine, a gaming platform that allows end-users to download rich, real-time interactive games from the Internet. The engine is also integrated in the Sony Ericsson T300 and T310.

Another games-oriented phone from Sony Ericsson is the Z200. The handset supports 40 voices, delivering a sound quality that is ideal for gaming, said Huang.

Games such as Mini-golf, Alien Scum, and Honey Cave are pre-loaded into the handset. What makes the gaming experience remarkable is the force-feedback effect: Hit a virtual tree, and your phone will shake and vibrate.

Sony Ericsson's entry-level color phone, the T230, is also heavily focused on mobile gaming. Equipped with sound feedback and vibration for a realistic gaming experience, the T230 also uses the Mophun gaming engine and has a five-way navigation key to enhance play.

"You will only convince end users to buy your phones if you are offering them value for money," Huang said.

"The device should be packed with better technology, it should be easy to use, and it should come with value-added services such as game downloads."

The executive added that handsets with built-in cameras and color screens are the hottest items these days.

"The migration to color screens is inevitable," said Huang. "Those handsets have also become even more affordable."

He also boasted that Sony Ericsson recently released in Japan a 1.3 million-pixel camera phone, the S505i.

"The GSM camera phones that we have today only have 100,000 pixels. That's okay for multimedia services," he said.

"Our S505i, on the one hand, produces images that are so sharp and vivid that you could print them." - (c) 2013