Nokia 8110i

Nokia 8110i
Nokia 8110i
Nokia 8110i
Nokia 8110i battery
Nokia 8110i data label
Nokia 8110 and 8110i side view
Nokia 8110i
Nokia 8110i
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Nokia 8110i

Year: 1997

Standard: GSM 900
Factory Code: NHE-6BM
TAC: 490502
Notes: n/a

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Nokia 8110 service manual
Nokia 8110i user's manual
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by: pena
2015. Feb 23. 15:43
Discussion about Nokia 8110i. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: pena
2015. Feb 23. 15:45
Another Chiquita-8110i on Ebay!
A bit expensive though, and battery is dead... :D

by: mroussev
2015. Feb 23. 20:45
Ha, first time hear for this "edition". If i only see the picture, i would think this is some non-original fake front panel :lol: .

by: pena
2015. Feb 25. 15:50
There are fakes too, like this with "Danny" logo... Looks like real... but after a closer look it just isn't real. :D

As far as I know, these were part of Chiquita's marketing campaign. I still remember an advertisement on magazines in the end of 90's: it had a manipulated image of a banana cluster which had yellow 8110 phones instead of bananas, and a form where you filled your information and mailed it to Chiquita to possibly win one of those phones. Unfortunately I haven't seen the advertisement since those old days. :( Also companies customising phones for bosses isn't unusual.

by: Allium
2015. Aug 12. 11:10
Hi there.

My mother enter a competition just lik that and won one of the banana-painted Chiquita 8110. As she passed away a few weeks ago we found the old phone in here belongings. And as you say, the front panel and slider have been painted to make look lika a banana. It seems to work but battery is dead. I'm trying to find a new one ...

by: mroussev
2015. Aug 13. 13:27
Are you planing to sell it? - (c) 2013