Nokia 8210

Nokia 8210
Nokia 8210
Nokia 8210
Nokia 8210
Nokia 8210
Nokia 8210
Nokia 8210
Nokia 8210
Nokia 8210 battery
Nokia 8210
Nokia 8210
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Nokia 8210

Year: 1999

Standard: GSM 900/1800
Factory Code: NSM-3NX
TAC: 350112,350115,350601,350602,350613,350614,350776,448902,449306,449308,449309,449341,
Notes: n/a

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Nokia 8210 / 8250 service manual
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The NSMâ??3 is a dual band transceiver unit designed for the GSM900 (in
cluding EGSM) and GSM1800 networks. It is both GSM900 phase 2 po
class 4 transceiver (2W) and GSM1800 power class 1 (1W) transceiver.
The transceiver consists of System/RF module (RM7L), Display module
(UX7) and assembly parts.
The transceiver has a full graphic display and the user interface is base
on a Jack style UI with two soft keys.
An internal antenna is used, there is no connection to an external anten
The transceiver has a low leakage tolerant earpiece and an omnidirec-
tional microphone located in Bâ??cover, providing an excellent audio quali
The transceiver supports a full rate, an enhanced full rate and a half rate
speech decoding.
An integrated IR link provides a connection between two NSMâ??3 trans-
ceivers or a transceiver and a PC (internal data), or a transceiver and a
The small SIM ( Subscriber Identity Module ) card is located below the
back cover of the phone. - (c) 2013