Nokia 2110

Nokia 2110
Nokia 2110
Nokia 2110
Nokia 2110
Nokia 2110
Nokia 2110
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Nokia 2110

Year: 1994

Standard: GSM 900
Factory Code: NHE-1XN,NHE-1NA,NHE-1NB
TAC: 490031,490109,490111,490112,
Notes: n/a

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Nokia 2110 user manual
Nokia 2110 / 2118 / 5000 / 880 / NHE-4 service manual
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The phone has only basic functions like SMS send/receive, and lists 10 dialed calls, 10 received calls and 10 missed calls. A later version Nokia 2110i came with a bigger memory and a protruding antenna knob, which was released in 1995.

by: jonny
2014. Jan 21. 23:36
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by: jonny
2014. Jan 21. 23:37
panki_86, in your photo is nokia 2110i not 2110 :)
sorry, but oldmobil's 2110 anthena looks difrent as original :)

by: oldmobil
2014. Jan 22. 12:12
Hard to find original 2110 antenna with whole rubber part... I think my antenna is original bur rubber weared off. I have other 2110 with better antenna rubber but most of old antennas replaced later with 2110i antenna like on Panki's phone.

by: jonny
2014. Jan 23. 17:51
On panky's phone not just antenna from 2110i and the face. - (c) 2013