Benefon Twin

Benefon Twin
Benefon Twin
Benefon Twin
Benefon Twin - SIM selecting screen display
Benefon Twin
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Benefon Twin

Year: 2000

Standard: GSM 900/1800
Factory Code: TGP71EU
TAC: 449235
Notes: n/a

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Made for the GSM 1800 band Finnis mobile operator Vaasan Laanin Puhelin
Oy (VLP). Benefon Twin used of this operator's 1800 MHz networks in cities and other operator's 900 MHz network in rural areas.

Original press release:

Vaasa, Finland - Benefon Oyj and a major Finnish regional telephone operator Vaasan Laanin Puhelin Oy (VLP) disclosed today a supply agreement worth about 15 MFIM regarding the innovative dual SIM version of Benefon's new dual band GSM phone Benefon Twin.
This novel product has been developed for the recently launched 1800 MHz Cityphone service "Citikka" by VLP. The deliveries will begin before the end of this year but the bulk of the deliveries will be in next year. VLP will market the novel phone for their Citikka service with a product name "Citikka Q."
??Benefon Twin Dual SIM? carries all of the latest and rich functions of Benefon Twin, together with an operating system and place for two separate SIM cards.
??Using two SIM cards in a single phone will provide our customers with a smart and handy way for combining the economies of our Citikka subscription and the global coverage of GSM services. Citikka Q is especially for users who frequently move outside the service area of our Citikka network,? said Mr. Erik Sjoberg, managing director of VLP, in the press conference held today in Vaasa.
The world's leading cellular service GSM is built on the principle of parallel competing services for fast roll out, development and cost-reduction of service. While the original objectives have been largely achieved, the usage environment has been rendered quite complicated in the process, and in many cases no single subscription can solve all needs of a user. Many have therefore ended up with two subscriptions and need to use two SIM cards with all the inconveniences coming along.
??As far as we know, Benefon Twin Dual SIM is the first GSM phone in the market with an operating system and place for two SIM cards, substantially facilitating the phone management of users with two lines. It provides notable value added not only for customers of regional Cityphone services but equally for all users who, for any reason, are using two separate mobile phone subscriptions,? added Mr. Jorma Nieminen, president of Benefon in the same event.
Benefon, founded in 1988, is the leading supplier of innovative wireless mobile communication instruments. Benefon products combine novel solutions and top performance with quality and aesthetic Finnish design. Information and pictures of Benefon's new dual band GSM phone Benefon Twin and world's first personal navigation phone Benefon Esc! are available at

by: sorin
2013. Oct 28. 23:57
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by: sorin
2013. Oct 29. 00:10
It seems my Benefon Twin does not work on GSM 1800 but only on 900! Even if it is new recently purchased almost not used at all. Or maybe there is a difference with EGSM 1800 phones that came after 2000?!? There is an operator here, Cosmote RO, that uses only 1800 GSM but my Benefon cannot find it, although Nokia 8210 will work on it! Anyway, on network search he will find only 900 GSM operators. The other problem is the battery, cannot stay fixed anymore but only with cellotape :( And cannot find something like this at present even on Ebay...

by: oldmobil
2013. Oct 29. 10:31
Hello sorin, welcome on the board!
Have You tried both SIM slots? I think only 'City' use 1800MHz networks, the other only 900MHz. I think EGSM don't affect it, as I know EGSM only an extension for 900 MHz band. (
My battery broken too, hard to find new one.

by: sorin
2013. Oct 29. 11:35
Hello, thank you. Yes I tried both SIM card slots but no GMS 1800 at all. Write there "No SIM card".I think must find 1800 GSM operator at search manual network even with a 900 GSM SIM. There are 4 operators here but only one uses only 1800 GSM and works fine on another one phone before 2000, Nokia 8210 (900/1800). Maybe the person who sold it knew has a problem or didnt at all, even the phone looks new except the problem with battery. I am curious if other people can find 1800 GSM network on this Benefon, not to be obsolete 8-)

by: oldmobil
2013. Oct 30. 09:20
I have no idea... It seems there is a problem with 1800MHz parts of Your phone. Maybe the power amplifier is broken, it is the most common reason. Here we haven't 1800 MHz only operator, so I couldn't try mine.

by: pena
2013. Oct 30. 10:21
Hello everyone! Sorin, you inserted SIM card to the 1800MHz slot and phone says "No SIM card"? I've had this same problem on other old phones... I'm not sure if this helps but listen (uh, read) for a second:

I think the problem could be incompatible SIM card voltage. In the 90's SIM card voltage was 5 volts first, then 3 volt cards started to slowly appear at the end of 90's, and finally 1.8 volts many years after that. SIM cards usually support 3 and 1.8 volts, but all SIM cards doesn't support 5 volts which is required by many old phones.

Some phones don't support all voltages either: Nokia 8210 supports 5 and 3 volt SIM cards according to Nokia's service manual. However, Benefon Twin seems to support only 5 volt cards: I downloaded the leaflet datasheet for Twin and it doesn't say "3V/5V SIM support." Later Benefon phones, like Q and Esc, has the support mentioned on their datasheets that so I presume older Benefons supports only 5 volt cards. I guess 3 volt SIM cards weren't popular when Twin was designed.

I'm suggesting that Benefon Twin gives only 5 volts, but your SIM card wants 3 or 1.8 volts. No common voltage = SIM card can't operate = no SIM card found. Your phone could be 100% working, I hope, but the SIM card is incompatible. Try to find another, possibly older, SIM card! :)

by: sorin
2013. Oct 30. 11:36
OK, thank you! 8-) But if the SIM isnt compatible, when I go to manual network search with a 900 GSM card, I dont understand why doesnt appear at all the 1800 GSM operator between others, but only the other 2 working on 900 GSM (and 1800)...

by: pena
2013. Oct 30. 14:47
How do you know the Nokia 8210 uses 1800 MHz? Do you have netmonitor activated on 8210, or how do you see it isn't going to 900 MHz network? Cosmote uses 900 MHz too, according to Wikipedia (, but I don't know if they do in your area. Maybe 1800 MHz isn't in use because they want to use it for LTE in the city.

by: sorin
2013. Oct 30. 18:53
Because if I put Cosmote RO SIM in Ericsson GF788e which has only 900 GSM (mine is made year 1998) will not find at all Cosmote between networks at manual search but only Vodafone works (former Connex) and Orange works (former Dialog). I noticed this also when I was in Greece: the mother company Cosmote there cannot find it on a phone which is not dual (900 and 1800 GSM). They work only on 1800 GSM. Cosmote RO would say it uses also 900 but more precisely is E900 GSM or just to make stupid advertisment, never I found and could use it in Bucharest on a phone which is only 900 GSM but only on dual 900/1800 GSM even if they are from the beginning of 2000"s or before. I think the phone has a problem with this and the person who had it before didnt know or didnt even pay attention to this because didnt use it at all.

by: pena
2013. Oct 30. 20:29
Oh, I see. It could be hardware fault then like oldmobil said. I don't know more, you have a very tricky problem. :( - (c) 2013