Benefon Locus

Benefon Locus
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Benefon Locus

Year: n/a

Standard: n/a
Factory Code: TGP79EU
TAC: 350037
Notes: n/a

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  • It is an advanced GSM dual-band phone with built-in high-performance GPS receiver, supporting various applications in resource management, safety and security.
  • Weighs 149 grams.

  • Operates for up to 240 hours in stand-by, or for up to 10 hours while talking.

  • Has a built-in 14.4 kbps data and fax modem with direct AT commands interface.

  • The phone supports the latest GSM phase 2+ functions, including SIM Application Toolkit.

  • Predictive T9? text input.
It is targeted at various professional users groups, from lone workers to persons at risk.

Benefon Locus is the first GSM phone to enable hybrid location capabilities, based on GSM network as well as an integral GPS receiver.

Hybrid positioning and transferring and managing of information is facilitated by Mobile Phone Telematics Protocol (MPTP). Mobile Phone Telematics Protocol enables providers of resource management, telematics, safety and security systems to seamlesly integrate Benefon Locus and other mobile terminals to their solutions. With the help of MPTP, Benefon Locus can be for example connected to an existing emergency center application.

In addition to normal position update and emergency call+message features, Benefon Locus and MPTP also provide a wide range of optional features like safe area tracking, route navigation, position request and remote tracking activation.

A unique feature in Benefon Locus is the BeneGuard multifunctional button, an easily programmable and configurable key to not only initiate emergency call, but also to enable a number of other easy-to-use functions like position update and status messaging. With the support of MPTP, Benefon Locus can be operated also remotely through SMS (Short Message Service).

Benefon Locus comes with an integral oversized earpiece to provide speakerphone option for hands-free operation. Different hands-free carrying cases are available as optional accessories. The phone is designed to be easy to use even with gloves on, with big keys and a good grip, but at the same time communicating the stylish Benefon design language. Colour options include metallic graphite, professional blue and eye-catching yellow.

True to Benefon?s mission, the Benefon Locus makes no compromises in quality and performance. It has a high-performance RF and antenna system, engineered to provide optimal connection and the widest possible coverage. The excellent standard performance can be further extended with an optional, high-gain cross-country antenna.
Several accessories available for Benefon Locus include a portable hands free
kit, an instantly installable plug-in high-performance handsfree car kit,
external GPS vehicle antenna, and the BeneWin Pro Pack for e.g. data
applications and managing phone book. - (c) 2013