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Recent images uploaded by RicardoSGZ

MicroTAC 7500 Box (Movistar Spain)
Telyco T-4500 (with kind permission of vayamovil.es)
TS1 MT-2000 (with kind permission of vayamovil.es)
AMPER Explorer 450 (with kind permission of vayamovil.es)
ITT 7700 (with kind permission of vayamovil.es)
Alcatel 9800 (with kind permission of vayamovil.es)
Mobira 500-Series (From Ebay, user \'greatfindz4you\')
Motorola DynaTAC Prototype
Motorola DynaTAC Prototypes
Ericsson Hotline Pocket 1311
Ericsson Hotline Pocket 1311
Ericsson Hotline Pocket 1311
Motorola DynaTAC Prototype - Popular Science (July 1973)
Motorola DynaTAC Prototype - Popular Science (July 1973)
TS1 RD-100
Motorola 4800X - 1992
TS1 RD-200
Indelec I-8030
Telyco T-800
TS1 PT-5000
TS1 PT-6000
Amper Explorer
Indelec I-7050
Telyco T-5000
Telyco T-4500
Telyco T-22 E
TS1 RD-200
TS1 RD-200
ITT 7700
TS1 RD-500
LG KP502
LG GT405 Viewty GT
Nokia 6120 Classic
Sony Xperia U
LG BL20 New Chocolate
Indelec I-4191
Motorola Sensar
Motorola Bag Phone SCN2286A
Motorola Bag Phone SCN2286A
Alcatel HC400
BlackBerry 7230 back

Recent files uploaded by RicardoSGZ

esp_coverage_map.pdf - 1991-1992 Spain Coverage Map
basic_op_rd200_esp.pdf - TS1 RD-200 Basic Operation (Span...

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