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Recent images uploaded by RicardoSGZ

Vitel TSM 30
TS1 RD-500 (from Google)
AMPER Explorer Basic Plus
HTC Hero with extended life battery
LG L7 II back
Alcatel OT POP C7
Energy System Phone Pro
Alcatel BH4
MicroTAC 7500 Box (Movistar Spain)
Telyco T-4500 (with kind permission of vayamovil.es)
TS1 MT-2000 (with kind permission of vayamovil.es)
AMPER Explorer 450 (with kind permission of vayamovil.es)
ITT 7700 (with kind permission of vayamovil.es)
Alcatel 9800 (with kind permission of vayamovil.es)
Mobira 500-Series (From Ebay, user \'greatfindz4you\')
Motorola DynaTAC Prototype
Motorola DynaTAC Prototypes
Ericsson Hotline Pocket 1311
Ericsson Hotline Pocket 1311
Ericsson Hotline Pocket 1311
Motorola DynaTAC Prototype - Popular Science (July 1973)
Motorola DynaTAC Prototype - Popular Science (July 1973)
TS1 RD-100
Motorola 4800X - 1992
TS1 RD-200
Indelec I-8030
Telyco T-800
TS1 PT-5000
TS1 PT-6000
Amper Explorer
Indelec I-7050
Telyco T-5000
Telyco T-4500
Telyco T-22 E
TS1 RD-200
TS1 RD-200
ITT 7700
TS1 RD-500
LG KP502
LG GT405 Viewty GT

Recent files uploaded by RicardoSGZ

esp_coverage_map.pdf - 1991-1992 Spain Coverage Map
basic_op_rd200_esp.pdf - TS1 RD-200 Basic Operation (Span...

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