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Mr.StarTAC's phone collection (146 pcs):
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AudioVox CDM 9100
Audiovox CDM-120
Audiovox CDM-4000
Audiovox CDM-8900
LG CF360
LG VX-9100
LG VX8700
LG VX9400
Motorola C139
Motorola Deluxe Alpha Flip Dynasty Gold
Motorola Deluxe Pocket
Motorola Deluxe Pocket Flip
Motorola Digital Personal Communicator
Motorola Dimension 4000
Motorola DPC 550 Ameritech
Motorola Dynasty Premier
Motorola DynaTAC 8000M Cellular One
Motorola Flare PCS
Motorola i265
Motorola i600
Motorola Lifestyle 275
Motorola Lifestyle 5-Button
Motorola Micro DIGITAL
Motorola Micro Digital Elite
Motorola Micro Digital Lite
Motorola Micro Digital M70A
Motorola Micro Digital M75A
Motorola MicroTAC 325
Motorola MicroTAC 650e
Motorola MicroTAC Alpha
Motorola MicroTAC Alpha Gold Series
Motorola MicroTac Cellular One Alpha
Motorola MicroTAC DPC 550
Motorola MicroTAC DPC 550 Atlanta 96
Motorola Microtac DPC 550 Bell Atlantic
Motorola MicroTAC DPC 550 Gold Series
Motorola MicroTAC DPC-650 Gold Series
Motorola MicroTAC DPC-650 Olympic Edition
Motorola MicroTAC DPC650
Motorola MicroTAC Elite
Motorola Microtac Elite VIP Edition
Motorola MicroTAC Lite
Motorola MicroTAC Lite Gold Series
Motorola MicroTAC Lite II
Motorola MicroTAC Lite II Olympic Edition
Motorola MicroTAC Lite IIe
Motorola MicroTAC Select 3000e
Motorola MicroTAC Select 6000e
Motorola MicroTAC Ultra Lite
Motorola MicroTAC Ultra Lite Classic Gold Edition
Motorola Pocket Classic 1400
Motorola Profile 500
Motorola RAZR V3
Motorola Select 2000e
Motorola StarTAC 3000
Motorola StarTAC 6000c
Motorola StarTAC 6000e
Motorola StarTAC 6500c
Motorola StarTAC 6500e
Motorola StarTAC 6500e VIP Series
Motorola StarTAC 70
Motorola StarTAC 7000g
Motorola StarTAC 8000
Motorola StarTAC 8000g
Motorola StarTAC 85 ePlus
Motorola StarTAC 8500
Motorola StarTAC 8500 VIP Edition
Motorola StarTAC 8500g
Motorola StarTAC 8600
Motorola StarTAC 8600 VIP Series
Motorola StarTAC D
Motorola StarTAC III (MS900)
Motorola StarTAC Royale

Mr.StarTAC's wishlist
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Motorola V60s Audi Edition on
Motorola V60s Audi Edition on
Motorola V60s Audi Edition open
Motorola V60s Audi Edition back
Motorola V60s Audi Edition side view
Motorola V60s Audi Edition
Motorola StarTAC 8500g on
Motorola StarTAC 8500g open
Motorola StarTAC 8500g back
Motorola StarTAC 8500g
Motorola Micro Digital Elite display
Motorola Micro Digital Elite on
Motorola Micro Digital Elite open
Motorola Micro Digital Elite back
Motorola Micro Digital Elite side view
Motorola Micro Digital Elite
Motorola Profile 500 on
Motorola Profile 500 back
Motorola Profile 500 side view
Motorola Profile 500
Motorola MicroTAC DPC-650 Gold Series display
Motorola MicroTAC DPC-650 Gold Series on
Motorola MicroTAC DPC-650 Gold Series open
Motorola MicroTAC DPC-650 Gold Series side view
Motorola MicroTAC DPC-650 Gold Series
Motorola Ultima Pocket on
Motorola Ultima Pocket back
Motorola Ultima Pocket side view
Motorola Ultima Pocket
Motorola DynaTAC 8000M display
Motorola DynaTAC 8000M on
Motorola DynaTAC 8000M side view
Motorola DynaTAC 8000M
Motorola MicroTAC Ultra Lite charcoal on
Motorola MicroTAC Ultra Lite charcoal open
Motorola MicroTAC Ultra Lite charcoal side view
Motorola MicroTAC Ultra Lite charcoal
Motorola Lifestyle 5-Button Woodgrain on
Motorola Lifestyle 5-Button Woodgrain side view
Motorola Lifestyle 5-Button Woodgrain
Motorola Digital Personal Communicator on
Motorola Digital Personal Communicator open

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