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Michiel's phone collection (157 pcs):
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AEG Pocketline Executive+
Alcatel Carvox Explorer
Alcatel One Touch 512
Alcatel Pocketline da Vinci
Alcatel Pocketline Gripz
Alcatel Pocketline Jive
Alcatel Pocketline Mercurius
Alcatel Pocketline Pro
Alcatel Pocketline Swing
Alcatel Pocketline Swing 200
Alcatel Pocketline Swing 220
Alcatel Pocketline Swing 400
Alcatel Pocketline Tango
Alcatel Pocketline Wave
Bosch GSM 509 Dual
Dancall DCM 7030
Ericsson Carvox 4000
Ericsson GA628
Ericsson GH198
Ericsson Pocketline 8100
Ericsson Pocketline Amigo
Ericsson Pocketline Nobel
Hagenuk GlobalHandy
Hagenuk MT2000
LG KU990i KU990 Viewty
LG P970
Maxon MX 3204
Maxon MX6879
Mobira MD 59
Motorola C115
Motorola C200
Motorola Carvox 2500
Motorola Carvox 3100
Motorola Carvox Cruiser
Motorola Carvox Voyager
Motorola d160
Motorola Greenpoint Greenhopper 100
Motorola Greenpoint Kermit
Motorola International 1000
Motorola International 3200
Motorola Lifestyle Plus
Motorola MCR 9500XL
Motorola MicroTAC Classic
Motorola MicroTAC International 5200
Motorola Pocketline 5000
Motorola Pocketline Columbus Plus
Motorola Pocketline Figaro
Motorola Pocketline Livingstone NA20TN
Motorola Pocketline Samba
Motorola RAZR V3 black
Motorola StarTac 70
Motorola T191
Motorola Timeport 280
Motorola Timeport L7089
Motorola Timeport P7389
n/a Brooklyn 14
n/a Brooklyn 16
n/a Brooklyn 21
n/a Brooklyn 34
n/a Brooklyn 35
n/a Catchmate 65
n/a Catchmate 75
n/a Semadigit 500
n/a Semadigit 620
n/a Semadigit 630
n/a Semascript 800
n/a Sematone 100
n/a Sematone 200
n/a Sematone 210
n/a Sematone plus
NEC Idp 5000 - Semadigit 610
Nokia 1101
Nokia 121
Nokia 1610
Nokia 2110i
Nokia 2300
Nokia 3109c
Nokia 3110

Michiel's wishlist
Alcatel Pocketline Flash
Alcatel Pocketline Swing 240
Ericsson Pocketline 8000
Ericsson Pocketline Edison
Ericsson Pocketline Marco Polo
Ericsson Pocketline Tasman
Motorola Pocketline Columbus
n/a Brooklyn 12
Nokia Pocketline Einstein
Nokia Pocketline Jules Verne
Panasonic Pocketline Jupiter
Panasonic Pocketline Teamer 300
Siemens Pocketline Spectrum
Trium Pocketline Wave 200

Recent images uploaded by Michiel

Nokia Carvox 3500
Nokia Carvox 3500
Nokia Carvox 3500 diassembled
Nokia Carvox 3500 diassembled
Siemens Pocketline Prisma
Siemens Pocketline Prisma battery
Siemens Pocketline Prisma back
Siemens Pocketline Prisma side view
Siemens Pocketline Prisma
Alcatel Pocketline Jive accessories
Alcatel Pocketline Jive
Alcatel Pocketline Jive
Alcatel Pocketline Jive battery
Alcatel Pocketline Jive back
Alcatel Pocketline Jive side view
Alcatel Pocketline Jive
n/a Brooklyn 34 accessories
n/a Brooklyn 34 back
n/a Brooklyn 34
Siemens Pocketline Orion
Siemens Pocketline Orion data label
Siemens Pocketline Orion battery
Siemens Pocketline Orion back
Siemens Pocketline Orion
Motorola Pocketline Samba accessories
Motorola Pocketline Samba
Motorola Pocketline Samba box shot
Philips PR 342 box shot
Philips PR 342 accessories
Philips PR 342 data label
Philips PR 342 battery
Philips PR 342 side view
Philips PR 342
Motorola MicroTAC Classic box shot
Motorola MicroTAC Classic accessories
Motorola MicroTAC Classic battery
NEC A10 back
Siemens Pocketline Pascal
Siemens Pocketline Pascal
Siemens Pocketline Pascal

Recent files uploaded by Michiel

brooklyn_12.pdf - n/a Brooklyn 12

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