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meisteranker's phone collection (6 pcs):
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meisteranker's wishlist
Alcatel 9109 HB160
Ascom Crystal
Bosch Cartel SL 2G1.0
Ericsson GF197
Ericsson GF337
Ericsson GH174
Ericsson GH218
Hagenuk MT2000
Mitsubishi MT18
Motorola International 3200
Nokia 1011
Nokia 1610
Nokia 2010
Orbitel 902 Pocket Phone
Philips PR-747
Philips PR810
Siemens S1 Marathon

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Alcatel 9109 HA - Long and short antennae
Alcatel 9109 HA back
Alcatel 9109 HA - Battery Charger
Alcatel 9109 HA data label
Alcatel 9109 HA box shot
Alcatel 9109 HA - Display Closeup
Alcatel 9109 HA
Alcatel 9109 HA

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