RadioShack CT-354Year: 1995Standard: AMPS 800Factory Code: n/a
Notes: A re-badged Nokia phone. Radio Shack Catalog Number 17-1165.
TAC: n/a
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RadioShack CT-500Year: 1996Standard: AMPS 800Factory Code: SWF1056B
Notes: OEM: Motorola. 1st MicroTac clone for RadioShack.
TAC: n/a
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RadioShack CT-501 FlipYear: 1997Standard: AMPS 800Factory Code: SWF2637A
Notes: OEM: Motorola, 10-digit display, dedicated battery meter and signal strength indicator like the MicroTAC 650e.
TAC: n/a
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RadioShack CT-502Year: 1998Standard: AMPS 800Factory Code: SWF2636B
Notes: OEM: Motorola. MicroTac variant, made for RadioShack
TAC: n/a
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