Motorola Tough Talker

Motorola Tough Talker
Motorola Tough Talker original bag
Motorola Tough Talker original bag
Motorola Tough Talker handset data label
Motorola Tough Talker paperwork
Motorola Tough Talker vehicle and wall adapters
Motorola Tough Talker
Motorola Tough Talker battery
Motorola Tough Talker battery
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Motorola Tough Talker

Year: 1990

Standard: AMPS 800
Factory Code: SCN2195A
TAC: n/a
Notes: n/a

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by: NokiaTAC
2019. Sep 26. 06:34
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by: NokiaTAC
2019. Sep 26. 06:39
Finally got a Tough Talker! And with the original bag too! This thing is incredibly well-built. Unfortunately, however, the threaded part of the antenna connector is broken (seems to be a fairly common issue on Tough Talkers), so the antenna can’t be secured-down, and won’t register with my test-set as a result, which is why I was using a small piece of wire as the antenna in the pic of it powered-on.

The person I got this from said they used it for 6-months, and then it was put away. It really shows too, because it’s in amazing shape. It even still has the plastic film over the outside!

by: NokiaTAC
2019. Sep 28. 04:51
I popped the battery out because I was curious, and snapped a few pics while I was at it. It’s massive and weighs a ton! It’s probably the single-heaviest component of the phone. - (c) 2013