Storno MOTRONIC 6000c

Storno MOTRONIC 6000c
Storno MOTRONIC 6000c
Storno MOTRONIC 6000c
Storno MOTRONIC 6000c
Storno MOTRONIC 6000c
Storno MOTRONIC 6000c
Storno MOTRONIC 6000c
Storno MOTRONIC 6000c
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Storno MOTRONIC 6000c

Year: 1989

Standard: C-Netz
Factory Code: n/a
TAC: n/a
Notes: OEM: Motorola. Very rare cellphone, made for Motronic Elektronische Geräte GmbH Austria.

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by: oldmobil
2019. Mar 12. 12:05
Discussion about Storno MOTRONIC 6000c. Click 'Postreply' to write a comment!

by: oldmobil
2019. Mar 12. 12:10
Hello Thomas,
It is a C-netz version really?
I have a very similar item but that is an UHF trunked radio...

by: Baltais Tehvs
2019. Mar 13. 01:10
And Austria`s "C-Netz" is actually a NMT ...

by: Thomas
2019. Mar 13. 08:42
Hi guys,

Good question, I'm not sure about that either. The seller wrote that it is a C-Netz device.

I know the Stornophone 6000 as a radio and have it in my collection. It looks very similar to the Motronic.

However, there are also the Stornomatic 6000 (NMT) and the Storno PRX 6000 (C-net), which are also very similar.

I'll try to get the device up and hope that I can figure something out.

by: oldmobil
2019. Mar 13. 10:50

Yes, Austrian C-Netz is NMT, but German C-Netz is different.

Storno PRX 6000C is a Storno branded Motorola set for German C-Netz.
(Storno bougt by Motorola in 1986 and they produced dual branded
products till the early 1990's.

Stornophone 6000 is an UHF radio for trunked radio systems

Stornomatic 6000 is a NMT set based on the classical Stornophone 6000 desing.

This Motronic 6000c could be an another NMT (Austrian C-Netz) version of Stornophone 6000?

Storno's 6000 family very interesting :-)

by: retrocellphones
2019. Mar 13. 14:52
mygot, it is easy, it has a card slot, it is c-netz, no card slot it is not c-netz. c-netz is only one network in germany, with id cards. no austrian c-netz or what..

by: Thomas
2019. Mar 13. 22:08
That is not correct! There was also a C-Netz in Austria, based on NMT-500. These devices do not have a SIM card slot.

It is not that easy!

by: oldmobil
2019. Mar 14. 11:08

I try to clarify:

(West) Germany:
A-netz: 1952–1977 (160 MHz, custom built, 0G technology, analogue, manual switch)
B-netz: 1972-1994 (150 MHz, custom built, 1G technology, analogue, automatic)
C-netz: 1985–2000 (450 MHz, custom built, 1G technology, analogue + SIM cards)
D-netz: 1991- (900 MHz, GSM, 2G technology, digital)
E-netz: 1994- (1800 MHz, GSM/DCS, 2G technology, digital)

A-netz: (same as the German A-netz, but totally marginal)
B-netz: 1974-1995 (same as the German B-netz, with international roaming)
C-netz: 1984-1997 (450 MHz, analogue NMT, 1G technology, like Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Hungary etc.)
D-netz: 1990-2002 (900 MHz, analogue ETACS, 1G technology, like UK, Ireland, Italy)
E-netz: 1994- (900 MHz, GSM, 2G technology, digital)

And this is a card for German C-netz:

by: Thomas
2019. Mar 16. 13:31
Hi Peter,

Thank you very much! - (c) 2013