Nec FOMA N902i

Nec FOMA N902i
Nec FOMA N902i
Nec FOMA N902i
Nec FOMA N902i
Nec FOMA N902i
Nec FOMA N902i
Nec FOMA N902i
Nec FOMA N902i
Nec FOMA N902i
Nec FOMA N902i
Nec FOMA N902i
Nec FOMA N902i
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Nec FOMA N902i

Year: 2005

Standard: FOMA (W-CDMA) 800/2100
Factory Code: A05-0377001
TAC: 350296
Notes: Linux+MOAP(L) , OMAP2420 ,

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Carrier : NTT DoCoMo
Release Date : November 18 , 2005
OS : Linux + MOAP(L) ( Mobile Oriented Applications Platform )
Cpu : Ti OMAP 2420 .
Size : 106x51x25mm , 127g
mini SD memory card , up to 512MB ,
TFT LCD , QVGA 240x345pixels . 2,5 inch . 260k colors
external display : TFT LCD , 120x90 pixels , 1,0 inch 65k colors .
Colors : Indigo Blue , Champagne Orange , Misty Lavender , Dark wine

Related models :
Released may 11, 2006 . Models N902iS and N902iX High-Speed ( HSDPAcompatible )
October 12, 2006 Model N902iL

overwiew :

N902i isa folding terminal with a shape followingN901iS.The four color variations are Indigo Blue (Dark Blue), Champagne Orange, Misty Lavender (Pink), Dark Wine (Dark Wine Red).Like other FOMA 902i series,it supportsi-channel¡push-to-talk.

2.5 inchmobile Shineview EX liquid crystal(QVGA +TFT) is adopted as themain display.Thedigital cameraon the backcontinues to be aSuper CCD honeycomb, but the number of effective pixels has been increased to 2 million, and it became possible to shoot images of 4-megapixel equivalent with higher definition.A function of correcting camera shake invertical axis and horizontal axis direction isalso added bynew digital image processing.The inside camera forvideophonehas been changed toCMOSwith330,000 effective pixels.

Some hands are added to the design of the button part, and it glows orange in the dark place.Inaddition to equipped with aneuro pointer, "assist key" was set on the back liquid crystal.By pushing this you can check the e-mail reading, the presence or absence of a missed call, etc. In addition, it has anLEDbuilt-in and serves as an incoming lamp.The bottomi-mode FeliCacorresponded to thenew serviceToruCa.

ACCESSmadefull browserofNetFront, Iapp"Dragon Quest IIand" (first part),horse racingsimulation game"Derby Stallion" ispre-installedare.

Defects :
  • December 21,2005: Battery is consumed unnecessarily.Deal with software update.
  • June 22,2006: If you make a TV phone call while playing a song on a music player, the liquid crystal display may be pure white depending on the amount of data of the song to be played, using the assist key on the back of the FOMA terminal If you read the e-mail aloud, stop temporarily, display the neuro pointer when reading it again, the terminal might restart according to the timing, and other updates.Deal with software update. - (c) 2013