Fujitsu F503i Hyper

Fujitsu F503i Hyper
Fujitsu F503i Hyper
Fujitsu F503i Hyper
Fujitsu F503i Hyper
Fujitsu F503i Hyper
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Fujitsu F503i Hyper

Year: 2001

Standard: PDC 800 i-mode
Factory Code: A00-0975JP
TAC: n/a
Notes: Device for NTT DoCoMo

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Start selling in January 2001.It is Japan's firstterminal compatible with"i-appli"mobile application.Liquid crystals of all terminals were colorized.Because the 2xx series became i-mode, the 50x series became the meaning of the application compatible machine.

January 18, 2001
Fujitsu Limited

About the i-appla compatible mobile phone "Digital Mover F503i HYPER" released

~ Started providing free i-αppli free of charge ~

F 503 i

We arepleased to announce the development of a thin "digital mover F503iHYPER" equipped with an execution environment of i-mode mobile phone application (i-appli) written inJavaTMlanguage and will start delivering it to the NTT Docomo Group .
This product will be released from NTT DoCoMo from January 26, 2001.
In addition, at the same time as the launch of this product, at the same time as our "@ F Keitai Cheering Team" which is one of the official NTT Docomo i-mode website, special i-appli content centering on games developed for this product Free of charge.

【Features of Digital Movers F503iHYPER】

(1) i-appli compatible

  • As an entertainment mobile to enjoy i-αppli
    You can download various i-appli that will be offered at the i-mode site and operate games and simple spreadsheet etc.
    Also, i-mode can be fully utilized with large capacity of maximum 50 items of i-appli save number, maximum of screen memo 100, maximum of 30 download songs of ring tone melody, and 6 pre-installed software is available.
    In addition, you can activate one (1 case) of your favorite i-appli with "my application key" installed on the back of the main unit.

  • As a tool for mobile solution business
    By developing a dedicated i-appli, it is possible to operate simple business processing on mobile phones.Furthermore, by building an application on the server side and linking it with the i-appli on the mobile phone side, it is possible to realize a more advanced mobile solution.
    In addition,it is possible to construct a system that extracts only the necessary information usingthe agent function(* 1),and byinstalling theSSL(* 2)function, the security of shopping and banking on i-mode is improved It is.

(2) Beautifully realistic ringtones with large screen color liquid crystal

It is equipped with a large screen color LCD of about 2 inches, and e-mail is easy to read with 10 characters 10 lines display.Moreover, because it adopts reflective display, it became bright even outdoors.
In addition to the beautiful ring tone melody and the real sound effect with FM tone generator 16 chords 128 tone, as well as the ADPCM(* 3)vocalization function, it is possible to receive incoming calls and e-mails by human voice, You can notify.

(3) Excellent operability

Since the multi cursor keys adopted in the current model are separated into four and separated, if you use the cursor keys in games etc., you can also operate easily with both hands.
Moreover, by adopting the following function, excellent operability is realized.

  • A round menu in which the screen rotates when tracing the menu.(New)
  • New shortcut menu that can call out functions by menu number.(New)
  • Two-touch site that you can access to your favorite site with two touch.
  • A mail key that activates the mail reception screen and mail creation screen with one touch.
(4) New mail function

  • Image mail that automatically displays that site if the received mail contains a URL.
  • E-mail multicast transmission capable of sending the same content mail to a maximum of 5 people.
  • A continuous sentence conversion function that collectively converts multiple clauses of up to 20 characters.
  • Incoming flash that "my application key" flashes when receiving a call.

«Main Specs»

sizeAbout H135 × W46 × D15 mm
massApproximately 77 g
Continuous talk timeAbout 135 minutes
Continuous standby timeAbout 430 hours
Memory Dial CountApproximately 500 cases (2 numbers 2 email addresses per case)
Handling color
Violet Silver
Violet Silver
Fairy White
Fairy White
Shine gray
Shine gray
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* Supports i melody, i animation, i-appli, i navi link all
* The color handled may vary depending on the area.
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【About i-appli to be offered at i-mode official site "@ F Keitai Cheering Team"】

NTT Docomo i-mode Official Site "@ F Keitai Cheering Team" will provide i-appli dedicated to "Digital Movers F503iHYPER" in order to make full use of i-appli to users of "Digital Movers F503iHYPER".

(1)100(* 4)title mini game softwarecan be downloadedfree of charge(* 5).
Mini game list (50 titles: provided in late January 2001)
Genre nameTitle name
actionLanding game, Dot Speeder, Apollo 13, Grand Canyon, Jump Master, Space Tunnel, Daruma fell, Hammer Pigg, Picopon, Fairy, Pressure, Karate, Shooting Game, Fireman, Baby Action, Speeding, Crash, Shock , Dark light, milk, escape, typing
Action puzzleAmida Ball, Bug Buster, Switchman, Twin Ball, Trash Box, Magnet, Cream
ShootingGunman, Ball in Pon, Fort, Snake Fighting Game, Washing, UFO, Hunter, Submarine
SportsPat Golf, Beach Volleyball, Fishing
puzzleBlack Box, Memorize, Rolling Marble, Shuffle, Shuttle Staff, Flat 5, Fruit Looking, Bomb House, Pipe Connect, Flash
(2)We will provide a network game "Planet W" (provisional name) that will be a resident of a fictitious planet and play against the other players on the network at no charge(* 5)from spring 2001.
(3)As a convenient i-appli in everyday life, we offer "color memo", "screen calculator", "leave it to secretary" etc. free of charge(* 5).

Access method to "@ F Keitai Cheering group" (as of January 10, 2001)
iMenu → menu list → dictionary / useful tool → mobile phone manufacturer → @ F mobile phone cheering party


* 1
Ability to understand user's intention and perform processing based on autonomous judgment
* 2
Abbreviation of encrypted communication protocol, Secure Socket Layer
* 3

Abbreviation of Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation,one of methods for converting voice data such as human voice into digital data
50 titles to be offered at the start of the service, scheduled to be provided sequentially by March 2001
In addition to i-mode contract fee, separate packet communication fee will be charged for download
【About trademark】
  • "Moova / mova", "i-mode" is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
  • "I Melody", "i Animation", "i Navi Link", "i Application" "i α ppli", are trademarks of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
  • All trademarks related to Java and Java are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsysytems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
  • Other company names and product names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company. - (c) 2013