Toshiba PM-T101 Tegacky

Toshiba PM-T101 Tegacky
Toshiba PM-T101 Tegacky
Toshiba PM-T101 Tegacky
Toshiba PM-T101 Tegacky
Toshiba PM-T101 Tegacky
Toshiba PM-T101 Tegacky
Toshiba PM-T101 Tegacky
Toshiba PM-T101 Tegacky
Toshiba PM-T101 Tegacky
Toshiba PM-T101 Tegacky
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Toshiba PM-T101 Tegacky

Year: 1999

Standard: PHS 1900
Factory Code: S98-7006-0
TAC: n/a
Notes: Character ("Phonetic Phone") Terminal for DDI Pocket network ( now called Willcom )

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Official Release info :
We release TEGACKY (Tegakky) PM-T101 terminal "Phonetic Phone" terminal which can input handwritten characters and illustrations with pen from February 18, 1999.

 "Character phone" is a specific communication limited use service for the purpose of sending and receiving text characters, handwritten letters, figures, etc. which the DDI Pocket Telephone Group starts in February, new products respond to this service in the industry for the first time It is.

 The new product is compatible with "P-mail DX" capable of sending and receiving kana-kanji messages of up to about 1,000 characters, it is also possible to exchange e-mails with terminals compatible with P-mail DX as well as text phone, You can also use P-mail (short message function) which can transmit and receive UK, number, Kana, specific symbols up to 20 characters, and can exchange mails with P-mail compatible voice terminals.Furthermore, it is possible to send and receive Internet mail etc. via "P mail DX center".Moreover, since it carries a large-sized liquid crystal screen which can display 48 letters all together while compact size, the sentence is easy to read and convenient to carry.


DDI Pocket (then) started service in February 1999

It is specialized in exchanging characters and hand-drawn illustrations, etc., andvoice callsand packet communications can not be used.Itis possible to send and receive e-mails and Internet e-mails with general PHS terminals compatible withP-mail,P-mail DX.In addition to various information services using the system of P-mail DX and chat between character phone terminals, transmission ofα mail[1], transmissionof messages topagers, playback of voice guidance services such asquick dial[2]It is possible.

The rate plan corresponding to the text telephone can be contracted only with the dedicated terminal.However, after three models appeared in 1999 when the service started, no new terminal has been released.Also, sales of terminals have also ended.As of December 31, 2010, we finished accepting new tariffs for text telephone.Furthermore, although it was expected to terminate the service on February 29, 2012, it will be extended, and eventually, in conjunction with the guard band shift, it will be in accordance with the time when PHS which only supports the old band is not usable ,2012April 30was ended[3].

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