Fujitsu PCX

Fujitsu PCX
Fujitsu PCX
Fujitsu PCX
Fujitsu PCX
Fujitsu PCX
Fujitsu PCX
Fujitsu PCX
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Fujitsu PCX

Year: 1992

Standard: CDMA 800
Factory Code: F80P-172
TAC: n/a
Notes: n/a

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Dec. 10, 1992
Fujitsu Network Transmission Systems Inc. Thursday introduced what it claimed to be the smallest cellular handheld flip phone with a built-in voice answer chip to be retailed for $1,295.

The company, based in the Dallas suburb of Richardson, said the new phone called PCX is one-fourth smaller than the currently available handheld flip phones. The PCX, weighing 7.4 oz. when using Ultra-Light battery and measuring 5.4 inches long, 2.3 inches wide and 0.8 inches deep, will fit comfortably in a shirt pocket, the company said.

'With the ultra-compact PCX, consumers can make and receive calls with ease wherever they are,' said company President Koji Inoue.

The PCX will be available in selected U.S. markets in January, then nationwide and in Canada in March.

The company said when PCX users are unable to answer their phone, a built-in simple pager with voice chip can answer incoming calls and record the phone number of the person calling. PCX users in a business meeting can turn off the phone's ringer and select the answering function to record the phone number of those who call.

A voice chip message lets callers know the person they're trying to reach is unable to take the call and instructs them to key in their phone number, the announcement said. The pager feature can record up to five phone numbers.

Fujitsu said the PCX is also the first cellular phone to allow the use of three different types of batteries within a single battery cartridge, providing flexible power options when traveling.

The PCX will offer one-touch answering, even with the flip closed. PCX users can answer the phone by simply pressing one of the volume control buttons, conveniently located on the side of the telephone.

The company said other convenient improvements include the high- contrast, wider liquid crystal display for an easier-to-view numerical readout, a more sophisticated design, and wide, contoured buttons for easy keypad operation.

The PCX can be programmed to search for 32 different cellular systems, the company said.

It said PCX users will also be able to connect directly into their laptop computers or facsimile machines with the Pocket Data Interface accessory. This will extend the freedom to transmit data as well as voice from almost anywhere a user travels.

Fujitsu Network Transmission Systems is a subsidiary of Fujitsu America Inc. in San Jose, Calif. Fujitsu America is a holding company for the U.S. computer and telecommunications subsidiaries of Tokyo-based Fujitsu Ltd. - (c) 2013